Which Yoga Is Best For Lower Back Pain?

These 5 simple and safe yoga postures will help you ease the pain in your lower back: Child’s Pose Cat-Cow  Sphinx Pose Savasana with props Downward facing dog Add these exercises to your daily workout or do them as a separate routine. You’ll need only 20-30 minutes.  Below we have also included asanas breakdown and … More

Which yoga best for flexibility?

Which Yoga Is Best For Flexibility?

Although all yoga styles have a complex approach to a human’s body, some are more effective if you want to improve your flexibility. And that’s where Yin yoga comes into a stage. This is a meditative, slower-paced practice where you hold a particular posture longer than in power Astanga, dynamic Vinyasa Flow, or static Hatha. … More

vinyasa flow

Vinyasa Yoga 101: Guide for Beginners

Vinyasa yoga is the kind of flow yoga that coordinates your movement and breath into a fluid motion that looks more like a dance than a set of asanas. Vinyasa is the perfect way for beginners to feel strength in their body and experience dynamic meditation through each movement. Discover the fundamentals of vinyasa and … More

Paschimottanasana for beginners

Paschimottanasana for Beginners

Yoga is a relaxing practice meant to calm our minds and bodies. Paschimottanasana is among the most important yoga poses that bears numerous benefits, both mental and physical. Including this asana in your daily practice increases flexibility, helps with back pain, and anxiety.  Yoga is about finding strength in your body in a relaxing way. … More

baptista yoga

5 Ways Baptiste Power Yoga Will Change Your Life

Baptiste power yoga was introduced years ago by Baron Baptiste. It revolves around the belief that each of us requires an individual approach to feel comfortable practicing yoga. There is no universal approach to yoga that would suit everyone. Instead, this method focused on intuitive practice by selecting a personal and individualized process.  Baptiste yoga … More

pranayama breathing yoga techniques

Pranayama Breathing Yoga Techniques

Pranayama is breathe yoga vital to the practice. Many practitioners value these breathing exercises as the most important part of yoga. Translated, the word means force + extending/stretching. Breathing is something we do every day. Thus, by learning to control it, we train the foundation of everything, far beyond yoga.  If you are a new yoga practitioner, … More

yoga for balance practice

Yoga for Balance Practice

2020 has seen a significant spike in yoga’s popularity worldwide. The lockdown helped millions of people discover this restorative practice. According to statistics, 36 million Americans are practicing yoga now. Meanwhile, 72% of yoga practitioners are women. And that means men have to learn to appreciate yoga balance better.  Yoga is a universal tool of … More