fran workout of the day

Fran WOD

Fran is one of the most famous workouts. It will be very difficult to find a crossfitter, who is not familiar with this benchmark. This is a classical weightlifting complex, … More

angie wod

Angie WOD: Setup, Safety, and Scaling

Today, let’s discuss another of the original “girl” WODs, Angie. This is a benchmark workout meant to test your strength and endurance all at once. With proper scaling, it can … More

helen wod

Helen WOD: Setup, Safety, and Scaling

Back in September 2003, CrossFit Journal introduced the first six “Girls” (“Angie, Barbara, Chelsea, Diane, Elizabeth, and Fran) and later two new additions Grace (that we’ve covered already) and Helen. … More

grace wod tips

Grace WOD: Setup, Safety, and Scaling

Continuing the line of CrossFit “girl WODs,” welcome upon yet another benchmark workout that is meant to leave drained yet satisfied at the end. A whole lot of Glassman’s girls … More

crossfit vs hiit

CrossFit VS HIIT: Which Is Better for You?

Modern tendencies towards a healthier lifestyle are a positive development. Today, it’s trendy to be active and have workouts as your hobby. The only question arises – what type of … More

cindy wod 101

Cindy WOD: Setup, Safety, and Scaling

Cindy WOD is highly-regarded among the most famous CrossFit workouts. Most coaches even offer it as an appropriate WOD for beginner fitness enthusiasts.  Cindy WOD is a benchmark workout that … More

linda wod

Linda WOD: Setup, Safety, and Scaling

Although the Linda workout is a Girl WOD, there is nothing easy about it! Unofficially, it’s called the “three bars of death” in the community. But why such a horrifying … More

crossfit wod

What Is WOD? Learning Crossfit Basics

If you had ever researched the topic of CrossFit, you were definitely bombarded with dozens of abbreviations and terms you don’t understand. In fact, all newbies face this issue. And … More

crossfit basics

CrossFit 101: Everything You Need to Know

CrossFit has gained massive popularity in the previous decade or so. You’ll see many social media influencers practice this type of training. It’s a practice that’s suitable both for complete … More