Vaju Mudra

What Does Vayu Mudra Do?

According to Ayurveda healthy body has all five elements, such as air, balanced. Each finger relates to specific elements, like water or fire. Vayu translates from Sanskrit as air. Doing Vayu mudra helps to balance the Air element. The mudra is easy to do and can be used in the yoga studio and at home.

What Are the Uses of Apana Vayu Mudra?

  • This mudra prevents heart attacks and improves heart health.
  • Your body creates a chemical called cortisol when your body detects pressure. Gorging and weight gain are the consequences of the raised levels of this chemical. Vayu Mudra directs the development of cortisol, consequently a powerful answer for weight reduction by diminishing our feelings of anxiety
  • This mudra allows normalizing blood pressure.
  • It helps to relieve symptoms of angina.
  • Arthritis and sciatica can be treated by doing this mudra.
  • Vayu mudra prevents anxiety, panic, and improves digestion. Vayu Mudra balances the air component in the body, subsequently helping tackle abundant gas, tooting, swelling, or other gastric issues. What’s more, you will actually want to animate the cerebrum region worried about the Vagus nerve, which controls and manages the Vata doshas.
  • It additionally helps with better absorption by disposing of gas from the digestion tracts and stomach.
  • A combination of Surya Namaskar with Vayu mudra will help to reduce pain in the neck, shoulders, arms, and back.

The index finger symbolizes the air element, while the thumb is the fire element. During the Vayu mudra practice, fire takes over the air and thus helps guide air elements to the areas where necessary. For better effect, it’s recommended to practice this mudra with pranayamas or mantras.

How Do You Do Apana Vaju Mudra?

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Sit down in a comfortable position. This can be Vajrasana Sukhasana, or Padmasana

Ensure you are calm and concentrated. You may take a few minutes to listen to your breath and focus on the mudra practice. Close your eyes. Let your hands lay on your thighs and relax the palms.

Mudra should be done with both hands. Shift the concentration on the index and thumbs on both hands.

Fold the index fingers on both hands and make them touch the base of the thumbs. Next, cover the index fingers with thumbs, so the thumb touches the second phalange of the index finger.

Keep all other fingers straight but not tensed. Then, you can chant the OM sound.

Hold the mudra for the chosen time and then release it.

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Can We Do Apan Vayu Mudra Daily?

Mudra practice can be done on a regular daily basis. For example, you can do mudra in sets of 15 minutes 3 times a day. Alternatively, you can do it once a day in the morning for 45 minutes. We’d recommend starting with a shorter time and gradually increasing the practice duration if you are a beginner.

Can I Do Vayu Mudra While Walking?

Yes, Vayu mudra can be done while walking, sitting, or lying down. The choice is up to you. The more traditional option is, of course, sitting on the mat.

Can We Do Multiple Mudras in a Day?

Yes, you can. You can choose to do one mudra for all the 45 minutes or use several mudras and make a total 45 minutes of practice. But for beginners, mudra practice should be done under the supervision of a guru or an experienced yoga instructor.

Is Vayu Mudra Good for Heart?

Apana Vayu Mudra is known for its therapeutic effect on the heart and for treating heart diseases. It eases the heart’s heaviness and controls blood pressure.


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