How to Lose Belly Fat in 2 Weeks

fitness belly

Imagine that you’ll hit the beach in two weeks and your body still enjoys the results of a yummy holiday season. Dreadful, right? But we’ve all been there! When you require a fast solution before an upcoming vacation or an important celebration, it seems that you need a miracle to get in shape on such … More

7 Best Core Exercises to Build Strength at Home

core exercise

Lunges and splits for glutes and legs? Check. Heavy barbells for strong arms and shoulders? Check. A minute-long plank? Fail. If you crumble every time you attempt a plank, find yourself slumped over the desk far too often, or have a posture any cartoon villain would be proud of, your core muscles are slacking! Thus, … More

Pranayama Breathing Yoga Techniques

pranayama breathing

Pranayama is breathe yoga vital to the practice. Many practitioners value these breathing exercises as the most important part of yoga. Translated, the word means force + extending/stretching. Breathing is something we do every day. Thus, by learning to control it, we train the foundation of everything, far beyond yoga.  If you are a new yoga practitioner, … More

Yoga for Balance Practice

yoga balance poses

2020 has seen a significant spike in yoga’s popularity worldwide. The lockdown helped millions of people discover this restorative practice. According to statistics, 36 million Americans are practicing yoga now. Meanwhile, 72% of yoga practitioners are women. And that means men have to learn to appreciate yoga balance better.  Yoga is a universal tool of … More

The Best Cardio Workouts for Gym and Home

cardio exercising

Cardio workouts are the primary routine for many fitness enthusiasts. Combined with weight exercises, cardio is an excellent fat burner. Breaking a sweat is a clear indication that you burn those calories you may or may not have gained with a piece of cake this morning! And, honestly, no need to eliminate those delicious treats … More

Aronia Berry Benefits for Healthy Diet

aronia berries

Aronia berry is often underestimated in our daily lives. They are a natural way to get the necessary vitamins and nutrients efficiently. This fruit is also commonly called chokeberries due to their dry-mouth effects. Aronia are small berries on shrubs native to North America. Nowadays, they are cultivated in Eastern Europe as well. Aronia is … More

Body Composition Guide

Body composition is a physical fitness term that encompasses a human’s percentage of fat, water, bones, and muscles. Ultimately, a composition determines the leanness and appearance of a body.  The differences in the weight and mass differences of fat and muscle tissue, two people of the same gender and weight may look a couple of … More

Lunges Exercises for Toned Glutes and Legs


Lunges are among the basic workout exercises used in all the gyms and home workout routines. Lunges power up your lower body. Thus, to get rid of those chicken legs or droopy booty, this exercise should become your base. It builds muscle strength and greatly improves your balance. Plus, lungers are a common part of … More

Home Gym System

home gym systems

2020 lockdown and multiple restrictions have brought change to our daily lives. With the increasing worry over the pandemic, a healthy lifestyle becomes a burning necessity and a challenging endeavor. At a time when no fitness centers are working full-time, a home gym set is your best chance to maintain your physique without risks.  This year, … More