Prithvi Mudra

Prithvi translates from Sanskrit as “vast”. It is a word used to mark Earth element, so Prithvi mudra is also known as Earth seal. As Ayurveda says, each finger relates to a specific element – earth, fire, water, air, and higher spirit. So Prithvi mudra unites earth element with the higher spirit. This gesture provides a long list of benefits if you practice it regularly. So let’s see how to do this hand seal.

How Do I Do the Prithvi Mudra?

In our previous post, you can find some general guidelines on how to prepare the place and yourself for mudra practice. This mudra is pretty simple. First, find a quiet place where you can settle down for at least half an hour. Then, take away all the distractions like your mobile phone or TV.

  • Sit down on a mat in Padmasana pose (if available) or Sukhasana.
  • Take a few deep breaths to the ground in the body. Then, listen to the sound of your breath.
  • As you exhale, bend the ring finger and make the tips of the ring finger touch the tips of the thumbs on both hands. Ensure fingertips are in soft contact with each other and you are not pressing them together firmly.
  • Other fingers are relaxed; keep them straight.

Hold the mudra for at least 5-15 minutes. The maximum duration is 45 minutes.
You can close your eye for better concentration.

What Are the Benefits of Prithvi Mudra?

The mudra helps treat osteoporosis.

Consistent practice of this mudra treats chronic fatigue and boosts energy.

Surya Mudra

The practice of this hand gesture allows increasing Earth element in the human body, which results in balancing one’s weight. Some yogis suggest they lose weight with the regular practice of this hand seal.

As earth elements are present in hair and bones on the physical level, this mudra enhances hair growth and prevents hair loss.

Prithvi mudra stimulates the work of the root chakra or Muladhara. This chakra bears the connection with Earth and relates to security and a sense of stability.

Prithvi mudra helps to balance instincts with the higher self.

To use this mudra for chakra meditation, you can concentrate on the root chakra, red color, and symbols of Muladhara. This will help to activate and clear the root chakra from damaging vibrations and garbage.

Prithvi Mudra Contraindications

People suffering from obesity and/or asthma should practice this mudra under the supervision of an experienced yoga tutor.

Pregnant women should not practice this had gesture.

People who are highly stressed or experience anxiety should avoid this practice. However, if you still want to do this mudra, you should consult your doctor first.

As with all yoga practices, doing mudra levels up the whole practice and allows for extra benefits not provided by asanas or pranayamas. Mudras combine easily with meditation techniques and mantras chanting.


Stephanie started her yoga journey back in 2018 in an Ashtanga class. She likes to experiment and try new challenging postures and yoga tricks. When off the mat, sharing yoga lifehacks is another thing to do. She believes that energy settled in a safe and physically correct form can make you feel better not only in your body but deep inside your soul too.