Abhaya Mudra

Mudras are an essential part of yoga practice. There are more than 300 mudras known. Hand seals are used to re-direct the energy in the yogi’s body and ensure the healthy flow of it.

If you are already practicing mudras, including Abhaya mudra in your practice can help you level up your practice.

What Does Abhaya Mudra Symbolizes?

Abhaya mudra is also known as mudra of fearlessness, meaning it will help you face and overcome your fears on a mental level.

Buddha also used this mudra so that you may have already seen this mudra in the Buddha photos.

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Jainism, Sikhism, and Hindusim use Abhaya mudra to fight fear and shower blessing. This mudra harmonizes and gives you peace of mind if you practice it regularly.

How Can I Practice Abhaya Mudra?

Morning time is the best for mudra practice. Get yourself a quiet place free from distractions. It’s preferable not to eat before the mudra practice.

  • Sit down into any meditation pose accessible to you. You can also practice this mudra standing in the Mountain pose.
  • Put your hands on the knees with palms open, fingers relaxed.
  • Focus on your breathing but don’t try to control it; simply observe how you breathe. Close your eye and concentrate as much as you can.
  • Next, slowly raise your right hand with an open palm that looks forward. Please raise your hand to stay on the level of your shoulder line. Hold all fingers closely pressed to each other but avoid too much tension in the palm.
  • Slowly put your right hand down and open your eyes.

You may chant the mantra OM during this practice. In some yoga schools, this mudra can be paired with other mudras that you perform with the left hand.

Gyan Mudra

How Long Should We Do Abhaya Mudra?

Start from 10-15 minutes minimum, and increase the duration of the practice up to 30-45 minutes – maximum.

Benefits of Abhaya Mudra:

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Out of all the hasta mudras in yoga, The Abhaya mudra is quite simple to perform and has a few advantages. A portion of the critical advantages of including Abhaya mudra into your day to day schedule are:

1. It Helps Soothe Your Mind:

You have some control over feelings like crabbiness, outrage, tension, and so forth by performing Abhaya mudra, accordingly assisting you with keeping your body and brain quiet. When your psyche controls this large number of pessimistic feelings, your body normally quiets down simultaneously.

2. It Helps Enhance Spiritual Energy:

Abhaya mudra has a few otherworldly and medical advantages. In the first place, it permits the body’s free progression of otherworldly energy by arousing the chakras. What’s more, this entire cycle creates a feeling of profound security inside oneself.

3. It Helps You Conquer Fear:

Keeping fear under control is one of the fundamental advantages of rehearsing Abhaya mudra. Control of fear is essential to accomplish achievement since it is an impulse much of the time. In this way, doing the Mudra of bravery is especially useful, assuming you feel that your fear keeps you down throughout everyday life.


Stephanie started her yoga journey back in 2018 in an Ashtanga class. She likes to experiment and try new challenging postures and yoga tricks. When off the mat, sharing yoga lifehacks is another thing to do. She believes that energy settled in a safe and physically correct form can make you feel better not only in your body but deep inside your soul too.