Surya Mudra

You’ve probably already heard about Surya Namaskar, but I bet you didn’t know about Surya Mudra? Surya mudra is another yoga hand gesture that relocates and seals fire energy in you.

From Sanskrit, “Surya” translates as Sun. So, Surya mudra is also known as Sun Mudra. This hand gesture is famous for giving weight loss effect. But before you rush to practice it, let’s discuss some key benefits and techniques on how to do Surya mudra correctly.

What Is the Benefit of Surya Mudra?

According to Ayurveda knowledge, this mudra increases the fire element in your body. What does that mean? In terms of a physical body, Surya mudra, if practiced regularly:

  • Improves digestion and appetite;
  • Helps to process heavy or greasy food;
  • Maintains better liver health;
  • Treats the conditions related to diabetes and regulates blood urea;
  • Reduces the amount of liquid in the body tissues and thus reduces swelling;
  • Balances the thermoregulation and body heat. Suitable to be used in cold seasons to warm up!
  • Improves the vision.

Tip: people with high cholesterol levels can use this mudra 20 minutes a day to control this.

And to spice up all the above, this mudra speeds up weight loss thanks to the regulation of earth element in the body.

It’s scientifically proven that body and mind are connected. That’s why Surya mudra practice bears not only physical benefits. Rooted in the body, the changes from this practice show up on the other levels of human being, for example:

  • Regular practice of the Sun mudra wakes up one’s intuition.
  • Fire element activated with it give you a boost of energy and activity. Because of this, it’s recommended to use this mudra when you are feeling low.
  • Thanks to the impact on the ring finger that symbolizes Sun and heat, this mudra increases libido and unblocks sexuality.
  • Better focus helps to keep your mind sharp and well-concentrated.

How to Do Surya Mudra?

As with other mudras, Surya mudra should be done with both hands.

First of all, find a comfortable position – sitting, standing ­, or laying on the mat – in a quiet place. Mudra’s practice in yoga includes some meditation and pranayama. However, if you haven’t been practicing any pranayamas before, you should follow your usual breathing pattern (pace, depth, and intensity).

To perform Surya Mudra, open your palms and bend the ring finger to touch the base of your thumbs. Then, cover the ring finger with thumbs. The thumb tip gently reaches the second phalange of the ring finger. Other fingers are extended. Avoid excess tension in the fingers.

Please note that you can press with the thumb on the ring finger. The more you press, the more you activate the fire element in your body. As a result, on the prolonged hold of this gesture, you may feel more heat or warmth in the body.

This mudra is related to fire and sun energy, so it’s recommended to do it early in the morning (4-6 AM) to wake up and charge your body with energy. However, the chances are that if you practice it in the evening or before bed, mudra outcomes will affect your sleep.

Are the Precautions of Surya Mudra Practice?

Surya mudra should also be practiced with caution on hot summer days or in heated rooms. Because this mudra relates to the temperature regulation in the body, try not to overheat your body. If you feel the need, it’s appropriate to drink some water during the practice for hydration.

Keep an eye on your weight as you practice Surya mudra. It’s known to be very effective for weight loss, and it’s even called “weight loss mudra”. But in case if you are underweight, it’s better to avoid this yoga mudra practice.

Of course, you shouldn’t do it if you have a fever.

How Long Should I Do Surya Mudra?

The usual timing for this practice is between 10-35 minutes. You can do it all at once or split mudra practice into several rounds during the day. For example, 10 minutes in the morning, afternoon, and in the evening.

If holding this hand gesture for 30 minutes right away is tough, start with smaller periods. Increase the duration gradually. The feeling of tension and soreness in the fingers or palms will pass with regular practice.


And before you go, we’ve put together some questions that are useful to answer for the mudra practice.

Does Surya Mudra Really Work?

That’s a common question, and the answer is – Yes! Although how fast it will work for you depends on the regularity of the practice. Also, if you practice Surya mudra solely, the speed of retrieving its benefits may be slower than when this mudra is integrated into a complete yoga practice.

Can Surya Mudra Be Done While Walking?

Yes, Surya mudra is one of the gestures that you can do while walking.

Can Surya Mudra Be Done after Meal?

In yoga, exercising is not recommended right after you get off the table. Mudra practice is not an exception here. So, to have a safe practice, wait 35-40 minutes after you eat to do this mudra.

Can Surya Mudra Be Done during Periods?

The general recommendation is to refrain from this mudra if you have your period. This is because the increase of the heat in the body may lead to worsening of menstrual pain and increased bleeding. However, if your condition during a period is good and you’re feeling ok, you can keep this mudra in your practice. In case of any doubts, seeing your doctor for advice is a great idea.


Stephanie started her yoga journey back in 2018 in an Ashtanga class. She likes to experiment and try new challenging postures and yoga tricks. When off the mat, sharing yoga lifehacks is another thing to do. She believes that energy settled in a safe and physically correct form can make you feel better not only in your body but deep inside your soul too.