Yoni Mudra

Yoni Mudra is known as a great instrument to connect you to the inner source of power and life. It can be practiced by women and, in certain cases, by men. In today’s post, we’ll explain Yoni mudra techniques and give some tips for safe practice.

What Is the Use of Yoni Mudra?

Like other mudras, Yoni mudra regulates the flow of energy called prana. However, the target of Yoni mudra is root chakra and organs and body systems related to it. Some key benefits of Yoni mudra are:

  1. This mudra improves fertility and helps to regulate the way the uterus functioning. Consistent practice of this mudra balances the hormones, resulting in the reproductive system’s proper functioning, natural pain-free menstrual cycle. Fact: Ancient yogis used this mudra to adjust the menstrual cycle according to the moon cycles.
  2. Yoni mudra improves the state of mind and thus lowers blood pressure. This mudra is known for its calming and stress-relieving effects.
  3. On the spiritual side, Yoni mudra connects all Ayurveda elements (earth, water, fire, earth, and air) within the body. And it boosts feminine energy in women and softens the male energies in men.
  4. It gives you a peaceful mood and helps soother the restlessness of your mind. 

All the above effects lead to a more profound yoga practice. 

Yogins that used to practice this mudra for long periods justify they can visualize chakras and experience different states that give them a higher level of consciousness. 

How Do You Hold a Yoni Mudra?

To prepare for mudra practice, you should sit in a comfortable position, just like for meditation practice.

The choice is up to you. It can be Lotus or Cross-legged pose. The kneeling position also works well as long as it feels good for you.

Take a few moments and deep breaths to clear the mind and get ready for the practice. You can keep your open palms on your legs.

Put your palms in front of your heart in a praying gesture or Anjali mudra (we’ll explain it in one of our further posts).

Now, turn the tips of your finger down towards the root chakra. The outer sides of both palms are facing or even touching the belly. But remember, the hands’ position should be comfortable; there shouldn’t be any tension in palms, wrists, or fingers.

On the next step, spread palms to the sides. Index fingers and thumbs are touching each other and forming a shape of a triangle in front of the lower part of your belly.

Then, keep the index and thumbs pressed, and bend middle, ring, and small fingers on both hands. Next, press the outer parts of the middle phalanges of bent fingers to each other. And now congrats, you’ve formed a Yoni mudra.

Stay in this position for the chosen time or until you feel it’s enough for you. Recommended length of the practice is around 20-30 minutes per day.

After that, release the pose.

How to Breathe During the Yoni Mudra practice?

For relevant concentration, you can use Three-part breath (Dirga pranayama). For this, inhale with a relaxed soft belly and let it expand. Next, let the air go up to the rib cage and create some more space there. Then, finally, the air goes to the chest to open it.

In the end, exhalation is performed in the reversed order: deflate your chest, rib cage, and belly.

If you haven’t started the pranayama practice, stick to your normal breathing rhythm. Make sure you breathe deeply through your nose. Observe the breathing process, body, and thoughts.

Don’t let your thoughts or other things distract you. Instead, stay focused and inside the body sensations for more efficient mudra practice.

Yoni Mudra Variations

There are at least 50 variations of Yoni mudra. But the most widespread are the following:

Sarva Yoni mudra

Photo from smkhumaryoga

This mudra benefits the feminine energy and regulates the reproductive system for women. It also helps with menopause issues and fertility challenges. In addition, the mudra awakens Kundalini, so it should be practiced under the supervision of an experienced yogin.

  • Palms facing up. Bend the middle and small fingers on both hands.
  • The tip of the right-hand ring finger touches the index finger of the left hand. And the left ring finger touches the tips of the right index finger.
  • Next, release the bent fingers and put the tips of your thumbs to the base of the little fingers on both hands.

Shanmukhi Mudra

This one should be practiced solely with the guru. It would be best if you started doing this mudra only after you reached a specific state of your spirit and body. Before the practice, the spiritual channels should be purified with previous practices.

For Shanmukhi mudra, eyes, ears, mouth are closed. This helps to stay deep inside your body and concentrate within the inner space.

Yoni Mudra FAQs

Here we’ve put some Yoni mudra questions to know along with the practice. 

Can We Do Yoni Mudra during Periods?

There is no specific restriction for the practice. However, Yoni mudra practice should be gentle and in accordance with your body signals during the period.

Are There Limitations for Yoni Mudra?

People that experience difficult mental conditions should avoid doing this mudra and its variations. Or practice mudra under the guidance of the experienced yogi.

Mudras should be practiced early in the morning as per energy flow cycles. You should avoid doing Yoni mudra (and other mudras) at any time of the day.

Can Males Do Yoni Mudra?

Yoni mudra is available for men to practice too. Especially if you’re a male and your spiritual journey asks you to practice celibacy. Doing regular practice of Yoni Mudra and its variations helps to stay concentrated. It withdraws unnecessary thoughts chattering and helps to concentrate on the deep inside processes. 

Have a great and safe mudra practice!



Stephanie started her yoga journey back in 2018 in an Ashtanga class. She likes to experiment and try new challenging postures and yoga tricks. When off the mat, sharing yoga lifehacks is another thing to do. She believes that energy settled in a safe and physically correct form can make you feel better not only in your body but deep inside your soul too.