What Is Considered an Active Lifestyle?

When you think about a successful modern person, you always imagine them active, healthy and involved. They are leading an active lifestyle! And while we get a general image theoretically, what exactly constitutes such a trendy way of living? 

An active lifestyle mainly covers the daily level of activity a person maintains on average. An active person adds to the daily living activities regular walks of around 1h 45min a day, working out several times a week, and generally spending most of the day doing active tasks. 

What Is an Active Lifestyle? 

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A few fine lines separate an active lifestyle from a slightly active or an excessively active lifestyle. For each person, these levels have different meanings. 

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However, there is a clear separation between an active lifestyle and a sedentary one. Take a look at the approximate estimations: 

Sedentary Lifestyle 

  • the main occupation is a passive (physically) desk job 
  • daily activities are limited to only the necessary basic ones 
  • no working out whatsoever 

Active Lifestyle

  • the main occupation requires moderate to intense physical activity 
  • daily chores are in an upbeat style 
  • moderate-paced walking for around 1h 45min a day 
  • several training sessions a week 
  • active hobbies and weekends 

This is the general guideline. Everything in-between falls under the “lightly active” category, which is an excellent start to active life for all people. 

In the modern setting where people are starting to take care of their health vigorously, an active lifestyle also includes several other “healthy life” aspects as a bonus to physical health. They include 

  • a balanced and healthy diet 
  • mental health care 
  • self-care and love 
  • enough sleep and rest time 

Why Is It Important To Have an Active Lifestyle?

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An active lifestyle has been proven to positively affect both the physical and mental states of humans. Lots of studies have been conducted on recovering and partially disabled patients as well that prove the positive influence of an active lifestyle among all groups.

Among the physical benefits active lifestyle brings are 

  • stronger muscles 
  • healthier joints and stronger bones 
  • optimal weight range 
  • health cardiovascular system 

Additionally, an active lifestyle was proven to contribute to ental health significantly. Among one of the most extensive studies in the following research by Bonnie G. Berger on the psychological benefits overall. Among which she highlights

  • enhanced mood 
  • stress reduction 
  • better sleep 
  • a more positive self-concept 
  • improved outlook on life 

All these benefits that come from an active lifestyle are why you should want to maintain it and adopt it in the first place. In the long run, it’s the primary tool in preventing a significant number of elderly diseases such as osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s, coronary heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, and so on. 

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What Habits Form an Active Lifestyle? 

Small habits make big changes! If you are not ready to upturn your whole life in one go to reach that trendy active lifestyle, adopting several active habits into your routine will be easier. 

  • a walk in the evening can take the bigger part of that 1h 45 min recommended time; offer your family or a partner to join you +more quality time together. 
  • walk to school/work/meeting place instead of using transportation if the distance is short and the weather allows 
  • connect steps checking the app on your phone – it’ll encourage you to walk more 
  • start with two workout sessions a week and increase the number to 3-4 
  • take a break after a long period of sitting, walk around, dance, stretch, or do something else active; do it every hour at least 
  • eat slower and don’t overeat; “heavy stomach” will slow you down and ruin your health 
  • take up active hobbies; instead of binge-watching series the whole weekend, switch to active hobbies like riding a bike, swimming, figure skating, dancing or acting lessons, etc. 

Can I Have an Active Lifestyle If I’m Lazy? 

active lifestyle for lazy people

Yes, it’ll be a hard accomplishment for you, but you can manage! You just need to believe in yourself and start slow. Add a habit or two from the list above. Start with something minor like counting your step in-app or trying an active hobby. Don’t try to change everything in your lie at once – your laziness will take over the very next day! 

Habits take 21 days to set. Introduce them one by one, and your laziness will never be an issue for your active lifestyle. 

Don’t let it be your lame excuse – laziness is not! Instead, motivate yourself to be healthy and look happy! 

What Are The Challenges of an Active Lifestyle? 

An active lifestyle may seem perfect in movies or in your head, but now that there will be milestones and challenges in your daily life. 

As discussed above, laziness can creep on you if you take too much on yourself. 

You may not have enough time for daily walks or regular workouts. 

Your health may be an issue for extensive training. 

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You may lack motivation after all. 

These are the challenges that every active person faces from time to time. And that is completely okay – rest for a day or two and find a new source of motivation! 


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Irene’s fitness journey began in 2017 with attending classes to improve her health and researching the anatomy of working out. After years of investigating trendy and “up and coming” fitness regimes, she is ready to share the tips and advice she’s learned from athletes and expert trainers of the field.