5-Day Juice Cleanse: Recipes and Safety Rules

Sometimes, we need to cleanse our bodies, and it is the main goal of detox. It is purification and renewal, not weight loss (although it is a nice bonus). The most common and easy detox option is the juice cleanse.

Juice cleanse is quite simple if you follow the basic rules. A healthy detox requires a smooth start and a gradual end of the diet. As a result, you will get better health, beneficial weight loss, and a surge of energy without feeling hungry.

What is the 5-day juice cleanse? How to make a menu for a healthy detox? Do juice cleanses work? What are the advantages and disadvantages of a detox juice cleanse? I will tell you all the details of this healthy detox option. Stay tuned to find out more!

When Do You Need a Detox?

No matter where we live, in the city or the countryside, every person gradually accumulates a load of toxins. It is inevitable since air and water are not clean, and some of the harmful substances come from food and seep through the skin. Under such conditions, any malfunction of the excretory system leads to the rapid growth of toxins, which begin to poison the body from the inside. Yes, the natural self-cleaning mechanism works quite effectively. Still, to avoid a toxic overload, it is advisable to help your body and do it regularly.

Here are the main signs of toxic accumulation:

  • a feeling of constant fatigue;
  • extremely low level of internal energy;
  • swelling;
  • disruption of the digestive tract;
  • constant or periodic heaviness in the stomach;
  • unpleasant odor from the skin;
  • increased sweating;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases or the appearance of new ones;
  • dizziness and headaches of unclear cause;
  • increased appetite and uncontrolled weight gain;
  • insomnia;
  • nervous breakdowns;

These are just some symptoms that indicate that the body needs your help and support. In addition, severe intoxication leads to unpleasant consequences, such as malfunctions of the cardiovascular and excretory systems. Furthermore, it provokes musculoskeletal system diseases and metabolic disorders, resulting in gout, diabetes, and other ailments.

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However, you should not take many pills to treat these diseases. They may be an external indication of a failure in the body caused by many toxins. Therefore, you need to start with gentle cleansing, choosing the most convenient cleansing plan for yourself. One of the most delicious and delicate options is the 5-day juice cleanse.

What is a Juice Cleanse?

Essentially, cleansing and detoxing are exactly the same thing. They are interchangeable and focused on removing various harmful substances from the body. Sometimes the goal of cleansing is specifically the intestines or liver, but, in general, during a detox, the whole body’s healing is expected. Both methods involve limiting solid foods and consuming only freshly squeezed juice or a mixture of juices.

Juice cleansing involves drinking only juices from fresh vegetables, fruits, berries, and herbs during the day. They are best absorbed by the human body and positively affect all vital processes. Fresh detox juices normalize the balance of all elements and help lose weight and restore health. As a result, the activity of all bacteria is inhibited, and your well-being improves. In addition, juice cleansing helps to get rid of excess fluid and lose weight naturally.

Many vegetables, fruits, and herbs have special properties that speed up the binding and elimination of toxins. It enhances the condition of the intestines, softens, and eliminates fecal impactions. Excretion occurs naturally, with feces and sweat. That is why these vegetables and fruits’ diuretic and laxative properties are so valuable.

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Some juices have a choleretic effect, which is very important if you want to restore and cleanse the liver and fix its filtering functions. Changing the composition and density of blood is also possible if you pick the right combination of foods for the juice cleanse.

Benefits of Juice Cleanse

The 5 or 3-day juice cleanse diet is very popular because it gives you a quick feeling of well-being, does not require much effort, and does not take a long time to prepare food. Here are the main benefits of juice cleansing:

  • mild effect on the body;
  • enrichment with vitamins and other useful substances;
  • variety of tastes;
  • the possibility of compiling a personal menu;
  • saturation with energy;
  • normalization of the intestinal microbiome[1];
  • better assimilation of micro and macro elements;
  • return of deep sleep, easing the process of falling asleep.

In addition, the condition of hair and nails gradually improves, the skin acquires a healthy glow, inflammation disappears, and bowel function normalizes. It results in smaller servings with faster satiety during a regular diet. You get a decrease in body weight, restoration of the structure of blood vessels, elimination of cholesterol plaques.

How to Do a Juice Cleanse?

Detox juices include types that stimulate the removal of toxic substances from internal systems. To maintain the maximum level of nutrients in them, they must:

  • be freshly squeezed;
  • without any heat treatment;
  • without sugar and sweeteners;
  • only ripe fruits and vegetables.

It is also advisable to choose local foods without pesticides and other chemical elements. You can also choose frozen vegetables, fruits, and berries, which retain their original set of vitamins and minerals even in this state.

The list of foods from which you can make a detox juice is quite large. Detox juice recipes are varied, can be one component, or include a rich combination of flavors. That’s why it’s so easy for you to follow the 5-day juice cleanse without experiencing hunger and taste monotony. 

A week before starting a juice detox, it is worth removing meat, fried, fatty, dairy foods, sweets, starchy foods, and alcohol from your everyday nutrition. Avoid drinking coffee the day before detox on juices. Also, do not overload the body with exhausting sports during this period. 

On detox juice cleanse days, you’d better avoid medications or vitamins and take a shower or bath with sea salt more often.

If this is your first time trying detox juices, it’s best to start with one day and then try 3-5 days. There are two approaches to juice cleansing: drink unlimited amounts of juices, or choose the 1 glass 5 times a day option, and drink water and herbal tea the rest of the time.

What Happens in Your Body During a Juice Cleanse?

Everyone knows how healthy vegetables and fruits are – and following this logic, a diet of vegetables and fruits alone should be super healthy. But it is not correct. If you drink only juice for a week, then, of course, you will lose weight [2]. But not because you get rid of excess fat, but because you are starving.

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The glycogen in your muscles is stored with water and is depleted quickly on a low-calorie diet. Water leaves with it – and it will return as soon as you start eating as usual. A “cleansing” diet is almost devoid of fiber, fats, and proteins. Without them, the body begins to break down muscle tissue to survive. Juice cleansing also does not involve physical activity because you simply will not have the strength for it.

Most importantly, a juice cleanse doesn’t do anything your body can’t handle on its own. Thanks to the kidneys, liver, and lungs, your body perfectly cleanses itself. Juice cleansing only helps these processes by avoiding junk food and adding the beneficial properties of vegetables and fruits.

Is Juice Cleanse Dangerous for the Body?

Although most homemade juice cleanse and detox methods are not dangerous enough to seriously harm your health, they can cause some problems [3]. Here are the main dangers of juice cleansing:

Risk of Diabetes

Because juices contain very little fiber, you’re consuming too much fructose, which can be very harmful if you’re insulin resistant or at high risk for diabetes.

Unhealthy Weight Loss

Freshly squeezed juices have a diuretic effect that helps you shed a few extra pounds. However, there is a loss of the necessary proteins, fats, and water during such weight loss. In addition, if you stick to the juice cleanse for more than five days, it can lead to disorders throughout the body. For example, excessive loss of water leads to deficiency of important elements.

Kidney Disorders

Juices are rich not only in vitamins and minerals but also in oxalates. Oxalates are nephrotoxins, and they harm the kidneys [4]. In small amounts, they are harmless, but with prolonged and intensive detox on juices, oxalates are involved in forming stones.

Digestive Disorders

You need fiber. And while whole fruits and vegetables are high in fiber, juices are very low in it. In addition, since the large intestine does not get solid food, which feeds beneficial bacteria, microorganisms cease to help digestion and no longer produce vitamins in sufficient quantities. Therefore, you should not use juice cleansing for more than five days. I also recommend that you consult with your doctor for the best diet plan.

So, are juice cleanses healthy? The good news is that it will take you months of this juice cleanse before you develop a severe micronutrient deficiency. Most cleansing methods are short-term and therefore cannot harm your health if you follow the rules wisely [5].

How to Properly Finish a Juice Cleanse?

You can not abruptly end the cleansing program and load the stomach with heavy food. After five days of juice cleansing, gradually add vegetables, fruits, soups, and eggs to your menu. You will need 2-3 days to return to your regular diet and not gain weight again.

To maintain the effect of cleansing for a long time, you need to completely change your nutritional principles and increase the amount of healthy food. Avoid processed foods, salt, and sugar.

Best Weight Loss Juice Cleanse Recipes

Detoxing with various juices and smoothies allows you to cleanse the body and replenish the supply of vitamins and minerals lost along with toxins [6]. Fruits and vegetables for their preparation must be chosen consciously. There are a number of foods that are perfect for making refreshing natural cocktails and detox water.

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You only need to consider their compatibility and the properties of each food individually. For example, beetroot juice is very concentrated, and it should not be drunk undiluted. And it is even better to combine it with carrot or pumpkin juice.

The main factor for choosing ingredients is the benefits and predicted results from eating food, as well as your personal preferences. For example, a serving of freshly squeezed juice should please the taste and smell. If they cause negative sensations or associations, such nutrition will not benefit your health. To ensure a sufficient choice, it is worth taking note of several interesting recipes in advance [7].

Green Mix


  • 2 medium apples;
  • small cucumber;
  • 2-3 stalks of celery;
  • juice of half a lemon;
  • 100 gr. leaves of kale;
  • ginger and mint to enrich the taste.

Place the ingredients in the juicer. The juice is ready for use. It is not recommended to leave it in the container for longer than 30-40 minutes.

Red Cocktail

The basis is beetroot juice. It is made in advance and left to “rest” for half an hour. During this time, prepare the lemon, carrots, apples in equal proportions. Peel them from the peel and seeds, and grind them in a juicer. Then combine the resulting mixture with beetroot juice and beat in a blender until smooth. The taste is slightly tart with a distinct sourness. This juice perfectly satisfies hunger because the consistency is dense, fulfilling even in the absence of pulp. It is advisable to use this recipe in the morning.

Vitamin Juice

This drink quickly increases the body’s defenses, simultaneously removing toxins that interfere with the full functioning of the immune system.


  • 2 apples;
  • kale;
  • spinach;
  • 1 lemon;
  • a piece of ginger;
  • 1 tbsp honey.

These juice detox recipes are designed for quick preparation and immediate consumption; they are gentle, taste very good and cause only positive emotions.

Fresh Detox


  • ½ grapefruit
  • 2 cucumbers
  • ½ lemon

Mix half a grapefruit, two cucumbers, and half a lemon in a blender. You can add some mint. Pour 1 liter of water and mix. Let it brew for 5-7 hours, and drink half a jar at a time. It is the perfect choice for an active morning.

Best Ingredients for Juice Cleansing


It is a berry that contains a very small amount of calories and carbohydrates. The main substance in its composition is water. Watermelon pulp contains vitamins A and B, potassium and magnesium, and lycopene. It is a powerful antioxidant, due to which a ripe watermelon turns red. Its pulp can be safely used as the basis of a detox juice, and it also has an anti-inflammatory effect.


Cucumber is a healthy green vegetable with a diuretic effect. Its main function is to cleanse the liver. It removes free radicals from the body and contains a polyphenol that reduces oxidative stress. Due to this, aging slows down, the risk of developing many diseases is reduced.


Like any other cabbage, broccoli is very healthy and deserves special attention. It is a valuable source of B vitamins, which have a positive effect on the digestive system. Scientists have proven that regular consumption of broccoli reduces the risk of cancer. This vegetable also fights other pathogens, including various infections and viruses.


Pumpkin is one of the healthiest and most nutritious vegetables. It should be used for diseases of the cardiovascular system, edema, digestive disorders, anemia, obesity. This vegetable is perfectly absorbed by the body, and even a small amount of pulp is required to saturate it with all the necessary vitamins and minerals. Pumpkin is also suitable for dietary nutrition, as it is low in calories and improves bowel function.


The health benefits of cauliflower are truly amazing. This vegetable is able to treat gastritis. Cauliflower is also used to prevent a number of other diseases. So, the regular use of this vegetable helps to remove harmful cholesterol from the body, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, and improves the functioning of the digestive system. Such a wide range of useful properties is not surprising because cauliflower contains vitamins C, groups B, PP, A, sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and iron.

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Lemon is rich in many vitamins. The main one is ascorbic acid, which improves skin health and strengthens the immune system. It is useful to drink at least one glass of warm lemon water without sugar per day. 


Although spinach is more like a herb, it is a vegetable and is very healthy food. Spinach can rightly be called the superfood of our time. What does it mean? This means that its composition is very close to the composition of effective medicines. It contains vitamins A, groups B, C, P, PP, E, D, K, as well as important micro and macro elements, including potassium, iron, iodine.

Spinach stimulates the pancreas and intestines. It calms the nervous system and activates the brain, improving its cognitive function. Spinach leaves effectively cleanse the body and prevent the occurrence of malignant tumors.


In addition to vitamin C, lime contains antioxidants. When you consume lime juice, the activity of the liver enzyme glutathione-S-transferase is stimulated, which normalizes the production of bile and acids and promotes the digestive tract.

Apple Cider Vinegar

In small quantities, apple cider vinegar is very beneficial for the body. It speeds up metabolism and normalizes digestion thanks to enzymes and probiotics. Apple cider vinegar can even cope with acid reflux.

Aloe Pulp

It combines anti-inflammatory and laxative properties. It normalizes the intestinal microflora, and pH level promotes better digestion of proteins. Aloe-based detox drinks are good for digestion and skin health.

All of the foods listed above are natural and safe when consumed in small amounts. But before using them, it is important to make sure that there is no individual intolerance. For example, suppose the body reacts negatively to a fruit, plant, or vegetable. In that case, it is better to exclude it from the diet.


The 5-day juice cleanse is a simple diet plan for rejuvenating your body. A variety of recipes allows you to choose the most comfortable and healthy plan for you, during which you will not be hungry. Choose not only sweet fruit juices but also healthy vegetables to reduce the amount of sugar and increase the variety of flavors. To get the best results from a juice cleanse, consult your dietitian and therapist.


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Ana Rinkevich is a writer specializing in health, nutrition, fitness, and weight loss. Over the past 10 years, she has used various methods to deal with obesity, metabolic syndrome, and eating disorders. Proud keto follower for 6 years - lost 100 pounds and fought insulin resistance. Ana shares her experience, tips, and motivation to help people use eating habits for better health and harmony with the body.