Aronia Berry Benefits for Healthy Diet

Aronia berry is often underestimated in our daily lives. They are a natural way to get the necessary vitamins and nutrients efficiently. This fruit is also commonly called chokeberries due to their dry-mouth effects.
Aronia are small berries on shrubs native to North America. Nowadays, they are cultivated in Eastern Europe as well. Aronia is considered among the richest berries with multiple vitamins and nutrients.

How Do They look?

Aronia is a small and round berry of black color that grows on shrubs. Size-wise, it resembles little cranberries. You can easily find them in the wild, but they look similar to chokecherries (prunus). Be careful when gathering these berries on your own, as prunus is a toxic fruit.

What About Nutrients?

aronia benefitsAs mentioned before, aronia berries are full of essential nutrients that target various functions of our bodies. One serving of aronia (¼ cup approximately) contains only three grams of sugar and 45 calories. Among the other useful components are:
Vitamin C
Vitamin B Complex
Vitamin K
These are the vitamins that play a crucial role in our health. Plus, aronia is among the most potent natural antioxidants. They effectively protect human cells from free radicals (harmful molecules).
High doses of another nutrient in aronia, polyphenols, are linked to the many aronia berry benefits.

Health Benefits


aronic berryOne of the most essential and promising health benefits of aronia berries is its anticancer effects. Cancer, being the most devastating illness of today, cancer is a constant research subject for scientists.
With the greater share of cancer medications being harmful to the organism overall, finding natural anticancer elements is the main objective. Thus, numerous studies have found positive effects of aronia extract on the study population. It shows impressive results for colon cancer prevention, reducing cell damage, and serving as a protective agent for breast cancer patients. Anthocyanins found in the extract can slow and even completely stop the growth of cancer cells.
According to one test-tube study, “50 mg of aronia extract reduced colon cancer cell growth by 60% after 24 hours.”
Numerous test studies showed that polyphenols could successfully inhibit free radical activity and reduce the oxidative stress of antipsychotic medication.

Heart Health

Heart health improvement is yet again, the result of the berry’s antioxidant effects. The influence is especially noticeable among people with metabolic syndrome. A study shows a significant reduction in cholesterol, triglycerides, LDL, and blood pressure after two months of aronia supplements.


A study conducted in 2016 showed a reduction of diabetes-related inflammation and the overall immune boost among rats. A similar analysis of the same year showed a decrease in glucose levels among diabetic patients. Additionally, aronia extract is beneficial for people with obesity.

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Blood Vessel Health

Among the benefits of aronia berries on our organisms is also the prevention of coronary artery disease. The studies research the effects of the berry extracts on the blood vessel plaques. The conducted studies show promising results.
Aronia was tested alongside bilberry. Both berries managed to relax the tissue, thus improving blood flow while also reducing blood pressure, which is essential during many cardiovascular diseases.

Overall Immune Benefits

All of the above effects are closely connected to the immune-boosting properties of aronia berries.
The berry propels antibacterial activity, dramatically reduces inflammation, shows some antiviral effects, and creates a protective biofilm. Among the other areas of influence, the studies have also found aronia’ positive effects on liver functioning.
The numerous benefits of aronia juice are combined with its savory notes to create tasty and useful treats.

Negative Sides

While this berry seems like a perfect immune booster, do not rush into daily overconsumption. While short-term studies have shown no side effects, long-term research is required.

How to Consume Aronia?

aronia foodThese berries are rather versatile when it comes to the means of consumption. You can enjoy them both fresh and cooked.
If the mouth-numbing effects of aronia are not to your taste, we suggest adding the berry as an additional flavor to plain bases.
Aronia-induced smoothies with a variety of other fruits and nutritious ingredients are a great immune booster.
Neutral yogurt is the perfect base for whole aronia berries and their extract.
Aronia can also be added to many dishes while cooking. Pastry such as muffins, cakes, and tarts get a mouthwatering sour-sweet taste when induced with the berry. Aronia berry recipes also suggest cooking into a jam as a dessert on its own.
These are only a few suggestions of how aronia berries can be added to your diet to balance the useful nutrients and vitamins.

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Overall, aronia is one of the most thought-after vitamin-rich berries you may easily find in local stores. This is an American-native berry that has been used in the region for centuries among indigenous people.
Nowadays, it has spread to Europe and other continents as a tasty treat. However, it is a treat that can be a natural remedy for many health issues.
A healthy diet is lacking without the inclusion of Aronica berries!


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