Mudras for Skin That Make You Glow from Inside

Clear and glowing skin is a factor that often sets one apart from everybody else. Although most people dream of having clear and glowing skin, they have trouble achieving this. Did you know that various mudras can actually help you achieve just that by making your skin glow from inside?

In the article today, we’ll explain five skin mudras with their benefits. Regular use of these will change how your skin looks and feels. The mudras for clear skin are:

  1. Varun Mudra
  2. Apana Mudra
  3. Brahma Mudra
  4. Prithvi Mudra
  5. Kaki Mudra

What Does Hand Mudra in Yoga Mean?

Being a Sanskrit word, “Mudra” simply means “gesture.” In Yoga, various mudras are considered to energize the prana within your body.

Prana or life power is responsible for practically every cell’s activity, including your skin. Usually, energy channels (Nadi) are blocked, and the natural prana flow is compromised. Yogis believe that incorrect energy flow affects the physical body and its systems. If not corrected, the body is prone to disease and various health conditions. Skin starts fading and loses its glowing look.

Here Yoga with its asanas, mudras, and breathing comes into play. It helps fix the ruined flows, rearrange the existing, and guarantees the relevant functioning of your physical and spiritual body structures.

So, connecting every part of your body with an energy circuit makes your skin radiant without any cosmetic procedures*.

The weakened and dead cells of your skin are eliminated faster. The main reason for this is increased blood circulation, more satisfying oxygen delivery to all layers of your skin. And it is gained with Yoga practice and performing mudras.

*We don’t discuss severe skin problems that need medical treatment. In some cases, you will require medical help to be complemented with mudras practice.

How Does Mudra Works for Skin?

In Ayurveda, each finger on your hand relates to a specific element – fire, water, air, sky, and earth. Thus, holding fingers and palms in a particular position adjusts the prana flow in the necessary direction.

Vaju Mudra

For skin issues, the elements of Earth and Water are the most important. They are associated with quite a few mudras for clear skin in Yoga. So, the Earth element not only heals but also produces new structures or tissues.

The Water element keeps them hydrated, promoting skin radiance and whiteness. This is why practicing mudras in Yoga is a super-effective way to get an evident effect and radiant skin.

5 Mudras for Glowing Skin and How to Do Them?

Here is how to do the five most effective mudras for the skin. But first a few tips on how to organize the practice:

  • do skin mudras regularly for faster effect
  • combine mudra practice with breathing
  • before you start doing mudras for skin, take a few moments to settle in your sensations.

So let’s go!

1) Varun Mudra

No matter what kind of skin you have, performing this mudra will make your skin clearer than ever.

Since the little finger is the seat of the body’s water element, Varun Mudra is done by pressing this finger. This will improve the ability of your body to retain water and give your skin a healthy glow.

Other benefits of this mudra are:

  • good blood flow in your entire body;
  • preventing dehydration;
  • better functioning of your brain;
  • prevention of kidney and urinary bladder disorders.

You can start doing this mudra by first sitting in a comfortable posture and then touching the tip of your little finger to the tip of your thumb after bringing your hand to your thigh.

2) Apana Mudra

This mudra is well known as the gesture of purification.

Doing the Apana Mudra will help get rid of your body’s toxic wastes that cause skin diseases and make your skin clear. Through slight pressure reflexes, it aids in the cleansing of the body. Plus, this mudra also helps nourish your skin adequately.

What Are Mudras in Yoga: Ultimate Guide

Extra benefits of doing this mudra include:

  • relief from menstrual pain;
  • better digestion;
  • strengthening the joints as well as reducing joint pain.

Start doing this mudra by sitting in a comfortable posture like Padmasana. Then, put your hands on top of your thighs and touch the tips of your middle, and ring fingers to the thumb’s tip.

3) Brahma Mudra

This mudra is recognized for its healing quality.

When you join your fists together in this mudra, you create a bond with life energy. Also, life energy lights up our body parts from within, which will come across to you as beautiful and glowing skin. Additional benefits of performing the Brahma Mudra include:

  • energizing the body;
  • calming effect on the mind;
  • reducing stress and anxiety;
  • managing thyroid gland disorders.

Once you are sitting comfortably, make fists on both hands by placing your thumb at the base. Now, face your fists upwards as the knuckles are attached and then position them to touch your naval while breathing.

4) Prithvi Mudra

It is one of the most simple hand gestures that you can do to achieve clear skin.

It is also said to heal your mental being. The consistent practice of Prithvi Mudra has various other advantages such as:

  • improved quality of hair growth;
  • acne and pimples treatment;
  • lower acidity;
  • relieved burning sensation of the urinary tract.

To perform this mudra, you can either place your hands on your thighs or your kneecap after sitting in a comfortable posture. Then, just fold your ring finger so that its tip touches the tip of your thumb.

5) Kaki Mudra

This mudra is a bit different compared to the ones already mentioned above. In fact, Kaki Mudra is not a hand gesture.

You will have to make the gesture of a crow’s beak with your mouth while doing this mudra.

  • Kaki Mudra increases the flow of oxygen-rich blood to the skin, nourishing the various layers of the skin and making it glow.
  • It also cools the sensation in the body, which helps calm your mind.
  • Mudra improves anti-aging quality and reduces wrinkles on your face, and improves body control and coordination.

You can start doing this mudra by sitting in a comfortable posture, like Sukashana. Now, keep your hands on your knees and then form a tube shape with your lips through which you can inhale slowly and deeply and breathe out from your nostrils.

Gyan Mudra

To Sum Up

Of course, you should not believe our word right away. That’s right, you better try it and see what happens! The above list is enough to start purifying your skin from the inside.

And before you go, remember that not only mudras for clear skin cure skin issues. A healthy diet and a balanced sleep regime are two factors that increase the mudra effect.

Have an excellent skin mudra practice!


Stephanie started her yoga journey back in 2018 in an Ashtanga class. She likes to experiment and try new challenging postures and yoga tricks. When off the mat, sharing yoga lifehacks is another thing to do. She believes that energy settled in a safe and physically correct form can make you feel better not only in your body but deep inside your soul too.