Battle rope benefits

10 Benefits of Battle Rope Training 

Battle ropes offer a high-intensity full-body workout that boosts your training effectiveness drastically. Battle ropes are a universal tool suitable for all levels of physical strength and intensity. Rope training … More

Ten set's method

5-Day German Volume Training Plan

German volume training is a prevalent workout regime among bodybuilders. Such practice is aimed to increase mass and build muscles. If your goal is to show off those strengths and … More

5-day-workout routine jocko willink

5 day workout routine – Jocko Willink

Starting a 5 day workout routine can represent the beginning of a beautiful friendship between you, your body and your mind. We always complain to ourselves, about ourselves. It’s gibberish … More

upper/lower split

Insane Upper/Lower Split

One of the challenges people face when they start training seriously is how to fit five-six training days into their already-busy weeks.  It can seem daunting to dedicate so many … More

best workout for beginners

Best workout for beginners 

Deciding that you want to work out is the first step to accomplishing your goals, whatever these may be. Some people decide to start a workout routine because they want … More