Yoga for Men: What Is Broga and 5 Reasons to Try It

Let’s face it! Yoga classes are dominated by females these days. 

But that’s hasn’t always been this way. In its roots, yoga really is a male kind of exercise. 

In India 3000 years ago, students and yoga teachers were only males. Then, thanks to the popularization in the West countries, yoga practice has got the face and body of Gwyneth Paltrow, Greta Garbo, and Madonna. This fact has turned many men down from attending a yoga class. 

However, the demand for male yoga classes still exists. What’s more, this demand led to the creation of a specific yoga for men called Broga. 

Broga combines ancient yoga asanas and yoga breathing with some HIIT exercises to boost strength and flexibility. Broga is less spiritually aimed and more logical. In the past 6 years, it gained many fans among male athletes, gym-goers, guys recovering from injuries, and males in general.

So in today’s article, we’ll have a closer look at yoga for men and answer questions you may be asking yourself:

  • Can men do yoga?
  • What is Broga? And is it different from traditional yoga?
  • How can you benefit from yoga for men? And much more…

So let’s save some time and get straight to the point.

Can Men Do Yoga?

And the answer is YES, why not! 

The male body is different from the female one. Numbers from the publication in Applied physiology Journal suggest that men surpass women in muscle mass, grip, and movement speed. This advantage makes men stiffer; thus, they require a different approach to a training regime. 

However, this does not mean men can’t do yoga.

At the same time, the recent statistical data gathered by Yoga Journal shows a considerable predominance of women in a yoga class (82% women and only 18% men attend yoga classes in the USA). And this is not about any restrictions related to yoga itself. 

Can Yoga Build Muscle?

With a closer look, we can understand that reasons that usually prevent men from doing yoga are connected with common misconceptions about yoga and the atmosphere in the regular yoga class. Some men just don’t take a yoga class as a proper workout, thinking it’s too spiritual or requires a man to be flexible.

That’s why Matt Miller and Robert Sidoti created Broga classes. They put this training program as a sporty variation of yoga and already started to train Broga instructors worldwide. 

So, What Is Broga?

The term Broga is a mix of two words, “yoga” and “bro.” Bro is rather a slang word meaning male friend. So as the name suggests, Broga is a type of yoga you can do in the company of male friends.

Such yoga sessions are designed with male body needs and peculiarities in mind.

Traditional yoga postures go hand in hand with intense interval training. You’ll get enough reps of the pose to build strength and improved movement patterns in your upper and lower body parts. But also, you’ll get diaphragm breathing skills and better resistance to an injury. 

This turns such Broga yoga class into a whole-body workout enough to exhaust even a regular gym-goer.

5 Reasons to Try Yoga for Men

If you have uncertainties about attending a Broga class, find reasons why you should try it that may convince you.

#1 Broga Class is Easy on Your Ego

Many males suggest that visiting a mixed yoga class (or female-only) is sometimes awkward for them. Yoga exercises require men to put extra effort into performing bent, folded, and twisted yoga poses.

But, next to your bro no need to worry that you can’t touch your toes. No need to be shy that your shoulders are stiffer, and you can’t do Garudasana as easy as that brunette. Plus, Broga sessions are often conducted by a male instructor.

#2 Yoga for Men is Free from Touchy-Feely Language

In a traditional yoga class, you may be asked “to find your inner space” or “breathe with your ankle.” In a Broga class, men can get a natural relief because the language instructor speaks is simple, logical, and quite down-to-earth. Saving the classical yoga moves, Broga interprets that into a modern language free of spiritual components.

#3 Broga Yoga Music Will Rock You

The atmosphere is what makes Broga stand out. Don’t expect to hear mantras chanting and Tibetan flute here. Muse, Radiohead, and Pink Floyd tracks will accompany men in this yoga class.

#4 Yoga Poses Are Modified for Men

More and more athletes and guys from a gym turn their sights on yoga exercises. They can recover faster and reduce the overall muscle tension that prevents the risk of injury.

Have a look at sample of a Broga sequence for men below:

Like in a regular yoga class, Broga offers to repeat yoga postures several times during the session. The difference is that men’s yoga uses pose variations that are less challenging in terms of flexibility and mobility. But the sequences build stamina, strength in your core, arms, and legs. Dynamic Sun salutations in a complex with static Warrior make your muscles burn, and your heart pumps faster.

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Plus, muscles and joints become more stretchy with time, and you can proceed to advanced pretzel-like poses.

#5 Enjoy Yoga for Men and Join the Brotherhood

Participants of a Broga yoga class finalize the session with a brotherly interaction. According to the creators of Broga, this final communication helps build a supportive male community. With the help of each other, men in the class can do more in a safe and comfortable place with similar values and goals.

Other Benefits of Yoga for Men

Apart from the above, yoga can help to:

  • Lower stress reactions and relax faster and more profound. It’s a well-known fact that emotions can cause muscle blocks and tensions in a human body (both male and female);
  • Lose weight (yoga postures regulate the metabolism balancing the endocrine system and thyroid in particular)
  • Boost libido and improve sexual performance. Muscle-toning postures stimulate not only external muscles but internal organs too. Well-shaped physio and improved vitality can do magic with your libido! 


How Do Men Get Into Yoga?

55% of yoga practitioners start their practice because they want to improve their physical fitness. Most men join yoga:

  • For better flexibility;
  • To enhance range of motion; 
  • To create strength in stabilization muscles, which can’t be done effectively in a gym workout;
  • Or to recover from an injury;
  • To add variety into the sports routine.

Is It Weird for a Guy to Do Yoga?

How weird does a 250-pounds Lebron James look on a yoga mat? Who knows! But the fact is still a fact, more and more sportsmen add yoga to their training program. 

Yoga for Two (People Really Do Such Things Together)

Doing yoga not necessarily means you should wear a ponytail and get some beaded bracelets. Just be yourself and check the list of male athletes that do yoga

To Sum Up

With Broga yoga’s invention for men, we expect to see more guys joining yoga classes in the following years. So if you’re still can’t’ touch your toes but are open-minded enough to try men’s form of yoga – the opportunity is all yours!


Stephanie started her yoga journey back in 2018 in an Ashtanga class. She likes to experiment and try new challenging postures and yoga tricks. When off the mat, sharing yoga lifehacks is another thing to do. She believes that energy settled in a safe and physically correct form can make you feel better not only in your body but deep inside your soul too.