Prana Mudra

Did you know that mudras were kept as sacred knowledge?

Initially, only experienced yogis (or as they say in Sanskrit – Siddhas) were allowed to comprehend the secrets of mudras’ practice. But, thank God, these times have passed. So, now we have an opportunity to use mudras as a powerful instrument to take care of our body and spirit. While different types of mudras are used to relax, other ones are great to fill you up with extra energy.

Prana Mudra is a yoga hand seal for life force called in Sanskrit – Prana or pranic energy. It helps activate and direct this life force throughout the yogin body in the most effective way.

Important note: the accessibility of the ancient yoga texts for everyone today doesn’t mean you should be careless practicing sacred yoga hand gestures without honoring yoga traditions and rules.

So, Is Prana Mudra Best for Energy?

Prana mudra is used to reveal life’s energy. Its regular practice learns us to handle the life force and send some healing energy to the necessary organs and systems in the body. To boost your vitality, stay healthy and improve your well-being and satisfaction Prana mudra is the best choice.

We are here to make your practice safe, so in this blog post, we’ll answer the following questions:

  • how to do Prana Mudra?
  • what benefits does mudra give you?
  • how to practice this yoga hand gesture safely?

So, go and get your notebooks and we’ll start!

What is Prana Mudra?

As you may already guess from its name – Prana mudra is all about energy.  Every person has a different concentration and volume of this life power. 

So, the more Prana you have, the more you can let through energy channels and centers (also known as chakras); the longer you live, the better you’ll feel.

Prana mudra is the best yoga hand gesture for the above purposes.

How to Do Prana Mudra?

The technique of Prana mudra is pretty simple. All you’ll need it’s a quiet place and 15-45 minutes of free time.

Get yourself in a comfortable position. Here, the choice is up to you: be it Sukhasana or Lotus Pose (if accessible to you). These positions all are good as long as you feel comfortable holding them for at least 15 minutes.

Relax your palms and take 2-3 deep breaths to settle down. When ready, unite your thumb with a little finger and ring finger. Gently touch the tips of these fingers. Keep middle and index fingers straight.

You can rest your palms on the knees. In this way, your hands will be more relaxed. Hold the position for the chosen time and then release.

During Prana mudra practice, be conscious about breathing and try concentrating only on the current moment and sensations.
For beginners, it may not be so easy to hold palms relaxed. But the longer you do it, the easier it becomes.

Also, annoying thoughts may distract you from staying present in your “now” moment. So, use your breath as a helper to focus. By silently commenting on your inhalation and exhalation and pausing in between, you’ll avoid distractions of mind during the practice.

Tip: When you perform this mudra in tandem with pranayama, it’s better to wear loose yoga clothes. Like this, you’ll get more freedom in motion.

What Are Prana Mudra Benefits?

You get many benefits when you complement your yoga training with Prana mudra. Here are some of those nice things:

  1. Prana mudra allows to alleviate low blood pressure issues. With this mudra, you forget about excessive yawning and feeling lethargic;
  2. Also, it increases the vitality, so you’re feeling active and full of energy during the day;
  3. On the physical level, mudra helps to increase lungs capacity, to detox blood from toxins, and regulate blood flow and heart rate.

FAQs for Prana Mudra Practice

Below please find a list of the general questions that are often asked about Prana mudra in yoga.

Who Can Use Prana Mudra?

This mudra is recommended for the use of experienced yogis. However, if you’re only a beginner, please try to do this yoga hand seal under the guidance of an experienced guru or tutor for safety reasons.

Breastfeeding can also be a reason to avoid this yoga seal. So consult an experienced yoga tutor beforehand.

Is Prana Mudra the Best for Immune System?

Yes! This mudra is one of the best to power up your immune system. This yoga hand seal refers to heart and blood flow. It’s known for creating a connection between coronary arteries and a person’s soul. Sealing earth, water, and fire elements through your fingers activates blood detoxication and thus improves your immunity.

How Long Should You Do Prana Mudra?

Start with 15 minutes, if this is your first-time practice.

Traditionally, sessions of yoga mudra’s practice should last 30-45 minutes. If you’re a busy one, you may split this time into 3 sessions during the day (15 minutes each one).

Does Prana Mudra Have Side Effects?

Side effects may appear when you do this mudra too often or pick the wrong time of the day for the practice. For example, it’s not recommended to do this mudra before going to bed to avoid insomnia.

Excessive practice (for more than 45 minutes per day) may cause obesity because of the metabolism‘s slowdown.

If you have severe spine issues, please do not start using Prana mudra. Please take this as a precaution because before waking life force, your body should be ready to let it flow through energetic channels and centers in your spine.

Can We Do Prana Mudra during Periods?

There will be no harm if you practice this mudra during your period. But, if you feel dizzy or uncomfortable during the practice, then you should stop performing mudra right away and take some rest.



Stephanie started her yoga journey back in 2018 in an Ashtanga class. She likes to experiment and try new challenging postures and yoga tricks. When off the mat, sharing yoga lifehacks is another thing to do. She believes that energy settled in a safe and physically correct form can make you feel better not only in your body but deep inside your soul too.