How to Get a Slim Thick Body?

If you search social media right now, one of the top hashtags this year is #slimthicc. It has gathered around 200 million views on TikTok alone. Countless social media influencers created the popularity of the trend by following the Kardashians. The high exposure to the trend means women want to follow and conform to yet another beautiful fashion. 

A slim thick body is not the easiest shape to achieve. It is the combination of curvy thighs and butt with toned abs and a tiny waist. For some people, it comes naturally. But many people need to work hard to achieve the trendy shape. To get a slim thick body, you’ll need a clever combination of proper diet, cardio, and resistance training. 

At first, the curvy shapes of Beyonce and J Lo were a rarity in the music scene. Later, Kardashians come in with exaggerated forms and set a new trend. The name came to existence only recently, though, when the trend has spread to other influencers. What began as a fashion thing is not used by fitness influencers and gym coaches worldwide. 

Now, let’s get to business and determine the essential characteristics of a slim thick body and the ways to achieve it. 

What Body Type Is Slim Thick?

slim thick body

A slim thick body type is somewhere between an hourglass and a pear. You’ll want the tiny waist, toned abs, and curvy yet toned booty with round hips. When it comes to the upper part of the shape, you can have either the tiny top from the pear or the balanced one from the hourglass. 

If you have this body shape naturally, this is your time to outshine everyone. Though, don’t forget that regular training and balanced dieting should be your constant friends. 

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The famous Kardashian family sets an example of over-exaggerated slim thick bodies with waist trainers, compression wear, and possible surgical enhancement. But, aside from this over-the-top image, there are numerous softer examples of the shape, such as Beyonce, Olivia Buckland, Alexandra Cane, and so on. Remember that every body is and should be different. Moderation and a healthy outlook lie in the foundation of “a sound mind in a sound body.” 

How Can I Make My Body Thick and Slim?

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Of course, women want to follow fashion trends. As a society, we tend to set beauty standards and have a wish to follow them. And though we should remember to love our bodies and get rid of the social influences, there is a deep-seated craving to be a part of the beauty trends. And while they do not promote anorexia or overweight dangers, why not try to be healthier? 

Personally, I feel much better following the current body images than stripping my body of everything useful trying to get a thigh gap or my bones sticking out. 

I believe it’ll be healthier for you as well! 

Note that the most significant factor in this body shape is genetics. If you are naturally more inclined towards this shape, it’ll be easier for you to maintain it and perfect. But your fat distribution may be completely different from those fitness influencers. And that is okay. You’ll build the perfect form for your body shape. 

If you focus on lower areas of your body and grow muscle there, you can turn the proportions in your favor. 

How to Achieve Slim Thick Body?

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Unfortunately, there is no magical exercise or set that will build you a slim thick body on its own overnight. Ultimately, this is a combination of keeping a healthy diet, proper number of calories, cardio, and weight training. Only if you can keep track of all four, you’ll see impressive results. I guarantee that in a few months, you’ll be surprised at how your body can look. 

What Should I Eat to Get Thick?

Healthy food, obviously. When it comes to food, be mindful of the calories you consume. There is no harm in eating ice cream or a chocolate bar once in a while. The key is moderation and the rest of the food you consume. 

Make sure that your diet is well-balanced and contains the following key elements: 

  • 1g of protein per pound to build muscles
  • lots of high-fiber ingredients for proper digestion 
  • complex carbs to give your body energy for all the training 

Avoid processed sugars and junk food as much as you can. However, it’s essential to take care of your mental well-being – treat yourself with something as useful occasionally to simply be happy! After all, a toned and curvy figure should not feel like a punishment but an accomplishment. 

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Overall, adding the following ingredients to your diet is beneficial for a healthy body: 

  • fruits and veggies 
  • poultry and eggs 
  • whole-grain products 
  • seeds, nuts, and beans

Note that if you are on the slimmer side of the spectrum, you’d want to keep your consumed calories in surplus. If you are a bit bigger than you’d like, keep the calorie deficit but push hard on strength training. 

To determine how many calories you should eat in a day, I suggest using the TDEE calculator. I’ve written about the formula and how to use it to determine how many calories you should stick to for a surplus and a deficit. 

What Training Is the Most Effective?

slim thick training

Of course, a diet is not an effective means to get a slim thick body on its own. It should always be paired with physical exercises. 

There is a number of slim thick workout regimes you can adopt in order to achieve the desired results. 

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HIIT training 

High-intensity interval training is the holy grail for a slim thick body. It comprises both the increased heart rate of cardio and resistance training. The first will help with burning as many calories as possible in a session, and the second will build muscle that increases the volume of your lower part. I suggest you add weight or resistance bands to specific exercises to make training even more effective. More on HIIT for beginners read in my article.

Weight Training

In addition to HIIT, implement slower sessions focused on your lower body with added weight. The perfect combination is weighted booty and legs training with calories surplus. Among the most effective exercises for the lower part are glute bridges, hip thrusts, sumo squats, fire hydrants with resistance bands, and so on. You can get detailed guides on making a round booty and bigger hips in the respective articles I’ve written. 


Add cardio twice a week in addition to weight training. It will successfully burn those calories, helping you to reduce fat percentage. It’ll also improve your stamina, giving you more strength for other types of training as well. 

If you are not a fan of cardio, I completely understand you! I have the same problem with regular running. Instead, choose the activity that suits you the most! The most common options are swimming, cycling, and orbitrek, jumping rope, boxing, etc. I’m sure some of these options will bring you fun and excitement. 

Are There Health Risks to Slim Thick?

Unfortunately, as with any beauty standard, a slim thick body shape comes with its drawbacks. As society puts pressure on women and becomes obsessed with a trend, the simple wish of a toned body becomes a dangerous tool. No standard should be forced. In the running towards the “perfect” body, our mental health suffers. Some people become obsessed to the degree of actually harming themselves, both knowingly and not. 

For some people, the exaggerated body image put by many famous slim thick girls is not achievable due to their genetics. Besides, the Kardashians are known to use waist trainers to make them slimmers. However, if you try it without the constant supervision of your doctor, you risk negative consequences. 

When it comes to body recomposition, moderation is key. 

Eat healthily, consume enough food, and train at your own pace! 


Irene’s fitness journey began in 2017 with attending classes to improve her health and researching the anatomy of working out. After years of investigating trendy and “up and coming” fitness regimes, she is ready to share the tips and advice she’s learned from athletes and expert trainers of the field.