How to Get Bigger Hips at Home

The current trends dictate a new beauty standard – curvy hips are all the rage. But if you naturally have narrow hips and not that trendy hourglass shape, you can still aim for the Kardashian’s hips, but using natural means. It will not happen overnight, but the goal is achievable even at home! All you need is time and consistency. 

The days of stick-like supermodels are gone, at least in everyday life. Models are still in high demand in the fashion world. However, aside from that, society has switched to appreciation curvier forms. Thus, celebrities like Beyonce, J Lo, and Kim Kardashian lead the trend of wide hips and a round butt. And while this fashion is more natural to women than starving all year round for that slim figure, it is still a trend that puts women in certain limits. But what to do if you have a naturally narrower frame but want that round posterior?

That is not a mission impossible but a challenge accepted! 

Now, let’s cover how exactly you can reach the desired curves! 

What Food Makes Your Hips Wider?

women's hands making cutlets on pan
women’s hands sculpt cutlets for frying in a pan, Closeup opf female hand cooking cutlets on the frying pan

An essential aspect of rounding up your hips is a healthy diet with enough nutrition and calories daily. Sadly, we cannot change the bone structure of our hips. The only other way to make them bigger and broader is by increasing the mass of muscles and fat. Naturally, if your intake of calories increases, the body starts storing fat in strategic areas, hips being among them. However, simply gobbling everything up will make you bigger all around, and we wouldn’t want that, right? Besides, there is no guarantee that it’ll build mostly on your hips as we all have different body shapes. 

11 Best Butt Exercises to Do at Home

Thus, you need a smart combination of exercising and a healthy diet to help build muscles better. Your goal for the foreseeable future – calorie surplus! 

The following foods promote muscle growth and add essential nutrients to your diet.

  1. Protein-rich foods: eggs, lean meats and poultry (turkey, beef, chicken, etc.), fish, Greek yogurt, legumes (clover, beans, peas, chickpeas, lentils, etc.), various nuts and seeds. Calculate the amount of protein intake a day; the general rule is 0.7 – 1 gram per pound of body.
  2. Do not avoid carbs. Restrictive diets are not for you during this period of building muscles. However, opt for healthier whole carbohydrates, such as vegetables, quinoa, whole grains, and legumes. Avoid pastries, fast food, and sugars. 
  3. Unsaturated fats. The third component of your daily diet is fat. To build nice muscles, consume such fats as fish oil, avocado, nuts, seeds, olive oil, and peanut butter. 

Do Squats Make Your Hips Bigger?

young woman doing squats
Pretty fit young woman in headphones doing squats outdoors and smiling at camera

Now, our primary goal is to build muscles around the hips and glutes. Which is achievable only via regular training. 

Specifically, squats can help you tone those muscles, but you’ll need to add weights to make them effective. Regular squats engage:

  • gluteal muscles (maximus, medius, and minimus)
  • hamstrings
  • hip flexors 
  • quadriceps 
  • calves
  • core muscles

As you see, all three gluteal muscles are engaged and building, especially with added dumbbell weight. However, truth be told, this is not the most effective exercise when it comes to rounding up your hips all over. 

Best Exercises to Get Wider Hips 

But if not squats, what else? 

Incorporate the following exercises into your regular training regime to round up those muscles. Remember to give your body enough rest in-between workouts to actually build those muscles and recuperate. 

Glute Bridge Exercises for a Firm Peach

All these exercises will also work on your hip dip and round them out for an hourglass appearance. 

Glute Bridge 

glutes and hipsA glute bridge is one of the most effective exercises that target glutes. 

  1. Lie on the floor, knees bent, hip-width apart, with feet planted close to the butt. 
  2. Press your hands and feet into the ground and raise your hips up to form a straight line. Be sure to keep your pelvis tucked in and glutes engaged. 
  3. Keep high for a couple of seconds and lower to the ground. 
  4. Add a dumbbell to increase the effectiveness of your glute bridges. 

Bridge Abductions 

This variation of glute bridge engages your outer thighs directly.

  1. When preparing for a glute bridge, put an elastic band right around your knees. 
  2. Raise to the bridge form and fix there. 
  3. Drive knees outward and back inward—pulse in this way for 10 seconds. 
  4. Lower to the floor and repeat the cycle for 8-10 reps. 

Fire Hydrant 

If you want to feeeel that burn in your side booty, fire hydrants will make you regret the decision (but in a good way). 

  1. Start on your hands and knees in a tabletop position. 
  2. In a controlled movement, lift your right leg sideways up at a 45-degree angle and fix there for 0,5 seconds. 
  3. Lower the leg. Repeat for 30 seconds and switch to another leg. 

Add a band around your mid-thighs for more resistance. 

Leg Circles 

hips trainingThis one is the essential exercise to tone your hips, side thighs, and glutes – all in one package. It won’t grow your muscles as much as heavyweight exercises but will improve your form and performance.

  1. Start on your legs and knees from a tabletop position. 
  2. Start with your right leg: keep it bent at 90 degrees and rotate it outwards in a circle. 
  3. Keep rotating it for 15 seconds clockwise and 15 seconds counter-clockwise. 
  4. Repeat with the left leg. 

Squat Kicks

Why keep to the regular squats when there are variations that are more fun and work your butt and hips better? 

  1. Stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. 
  2.  Squat down while pushing hips back.
  3.  On the rise, kick your right leg to the side approximately 45 degrees to the side.
  4. Place your right foot to the ground and immediately squat again. 
  5. On the risk, kick the left leg to the side.

Repeat the cycle of 15 reps 3-4 sets. 

How Long Does It Take for Your Butt to Grow?

How Long Does It Take to Get Wider Hips?

Unfortunatelly, rounding your hips is a long process that cannot be done overnight. At least if you are planning to do it naturally. If you take up regular workouts of at least 3 times a week and maintin a healthy diet, you’ll start noticing the first results in around 3 weeks time. In a couple of months, others will be complimenting your roning hips and butt.

Rember: we are all different and our bodies change at different speed. Be patient and consistent. 


Irene’s fitness journey began in 2017 with attending classes to improve her health and researching the anatomy of working out. After years of investigating trendy and “up and coming” fitness regimes, she is ready to share the tips and advice she’s learned from athletes and expert trainers of the field.