Is Mayo Keto? 7 Tips and Tasty Low-Carb Recipes

Everyone loves mayo and adds it to any meal. And those who do not like mayonnaise will definitely love it during the keto diet. Mayo and diet? Yes, it’s real! But first, let’s discuss the main question. Is mayo keto?

Yes, mayo is definitely keto. It has a perfect keto proportion because it contains a lot of healthy fats and almost zero carbs. However, in order to choose or prepare the right keto mayonnaise, you need to know some details so as not to harm your diet.

How many carbs are in mayo? Is mayo bad for you? What are the benefits of organic mayo for your health? Can you have mayo on keto? In this article, I will tell you all the details about the composition of mayo, and the right choice and share the secrets of making the perfect homemade keto mayonnaise. Let’s figure it out together!

What Is Mayo?

Mayo is a thick sauce made from an emulsification process. It happens when a watery liquid mixes with an oily liquid, resulting in the delicate texture of mayo. What is mayo made of? Any mayo consists of simple ingredients – egg yolk, oil, acidic parts (lemon, vinegar), and various spices and flavors (salt, mustard, herbs, pepper, etc.) If you mix these ingredients correctly, you get a delicate creamy sauce.

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Organic mayo contains all the properties of yolk and oil and has many health benefits. I will tell you about the main ones:

  • Unrefined oil contains polyunsaturated fatty acids. They have a beneficial effect on the state of the vascular walls and the cardiovascular system as a whole. This is the prevention of atherosclerosis and all kinds of cardiovascular diseases.
  • The chicken yolk contains important fat-soluble vitamins: F, E (tocopherol), and choline. It is a source of vitamins important for the quality of skin, hair, and nails. They strengthen the body and speed up metabolism.
  • The vinegar or lemon juice in mayonnaise is acidic. Lemon juice in homemade mayo has an antibacterial effect and is a natural preservative. And for people with hypoacidity, with a lack of gastric juice and reduced production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach, a drop of citric acid in homemade mayo will help digest the food eaten with it.
  • Mustard contains carotene, vitamins A and D, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, and iron. Carotene, which gives mustard color, is a powerful antioxidant. Vitamins A and D are fat-soluble and well absorbed in mayonnaise.

Is Mayo Keto?

Mayo has a reputation for not being the healthiest food. They say it raises cholesterol levels and leads to obesity because it is full of harmful elements. However, this is not at all true. Homemade mayo with the right ingredients is a very healthy meal. What about carbohydrates? Is mayonnaise keto?

Mayonnaise is the perfect food for the keto diet. It contains 70-90% fat and less than 1 gram of carbohydrates depending on the composition. Keto mayo is a great addition to boiled eggs, keto burgers, salads, and snacks. The most important thing is to choose the right composition or prepare a homemade mayo. I will tell you all the details of the best choice.

Tips for Choosing the Right Mayo

In order to buy the right mayonnaise in the store, you should carefully study its composition. And there are three important conditions here.

The Right Oil

Regular mayo in the store contains various oils, and it is often soy, palm, or other processed oils that you should avoid. These oils contain too much Omega-6 and very little Omega-3. Both Omega-6 and Omega-3 are essential for our bodies. The question is about proportions. 1 to 1 is good, but in reality, many people consume them in a ratio of 20 to 1. 

For example, a diet rich in Omega-6 fatty acids increases the risk of obesity, cardiovascular disorders, high cholesterol, and digestive diseases. Therefore, you need to read the labels and choose only olive oil, avocado oil, coconut, or MCT oil. The same goes for making homemade mayo.

While olive oil and avocado oil will not make up for your Omega-3 deficiencies, at least they will not significantly contribute to increasing the Omega-6 in your diet. Olive oil mainly contains 75% Omega-9 fatty acids and 15% saturated fat. Avocado oil also has an excellent composition – 70% Omega-9 and 16% saturated fatty acids.

However, the olive oil in mayonnaise sometimes behaves a little unpredictably, while the avocado oil makes the texture perfect. A safe bet is to make homemade mayonnaise with MCT oil. It is made from coconut oil, has the perfect fat composition, and still has no taste, color, or smell. If you beat it with an egg in a blender, you get the perfect consistency and color of mayonnaise – as a store-bought mayo, only of high quality and incredibly tasty. 

If mayo with olive oil can turn out to be liquid, then MCT guarantees the result. The main thing is to follow the sequence. Beat the egg and mustard (or another additive) first, then gradually pour in the butter. 

No Added Sugar

Surprisingly, in today’s world, most store-bought foods contain sugar. And I’m not talking about sweets and ice cream because the leaders in adding sugar are various sauces, marinades, and seasonings. The fact is that sugar is the simplest and cheapest flavor enhancer, which is sometimes added even to sausages and bacon.

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If you want delicious mayo not to stop your ketosis, you should read the labels carefully. In the post about bacon, I have listed the possible hidden names for sugar on labels. Avoid these names, and then your mayo will really be keto. For example, I often use these options when I don’t have time to make homemade mayonnaise:

  • Sir Kensington’s Mayonnaise – Avocado Oil Mayo, Keto Diet & Paleo Diet Certified. It is a delicate mayo based on avocado oil and free-range egg yolks. Perfect for salads and boiled eggs.
  • Chosen Foods Classic Keto Mayo – Coconut Oil Mayonnaise. It is based on refined coconut oil with MCT. A slight hint of rosemary makes it tasty and fresh.
  • Primal Kitchen – Paleo and Keto Approved Avocado Oil Mayo. Sugar-free mayo based on avocado oil with no harmful additives. I love to add a bit of pesto to this option and enjoy it with tuna or salmon. By the way, they have delicious options like Chipotle Lime Mayo and Pesto Mayo

Keto Mayo Recipes

Yes, these options are incredibly tasty and go with any meal. Most importantly, they are beneficial and part of a healthy keto diet. However, when I have time, I cook keto mayo at home in small servings, adding various spices to them according to my mood.

You can add mustard, cheese, pesto, sweet paprika or hot chili, garlic or shallots, fresh parsley or cilantro, oregano, or basil. And then your homemade mayo will reveal a palette of magical tastes to you. I will tell you about my basic recipes, which I often use, and you choose the one you like the most.

A quick tip: For the emulsification process to be successful and make the correct texture of the mayo, all ingredients must be at room temperature. 

One-minute Keto Mayo

It is the simplest recipe that does not require time and special ingredients. This mayonnaise is always delicious, but there is one small detail. It is oil. At first, I tried to cook it using extra virgin, but it tasted slightly bitter. However, adding half a ripe avocado took away all the bitterness and gave the mayo a delicate flavor. The correct choice would be refined olive oil without a hint of bitterness. So let’s move on to the recipe.


  • 1 chicken egg (or 5 quail eggs)
  • 200 ml of olive oil
  • 1 teaspoon lemon juice
  • A pinch of salt and your favorite spices
  • 1 teaspoon sugar-free mustard (optional)

The preparation is effortless. Combine all the ingredients in a glass and whisk with an immersion blender for about 30 seconds. Enjoy!

Avocado Oil Keto Mayo

This recipe is no more complicated than the previous one. However, as I have said earlier, mayonnaise can sometimes turn out to be liquid with olive oil, but there are no mistakes with avocado oil. White wine vinegar gives this mayonnaise a fresh aroma that goes well with fish and keto mozzarella sticks.


  • 1 chicken yolk
  • 150 ml avocado oil
  • 1 teaspoon white wine vinegar
  • A pinch of salt and your favorite spices
  • 1 teaspoon sugar-free mustard (optional)

Place the yolk and mustard in a glass, and whisk with an immersion blender or mixer for about 15 seconds. Pour in the oil slowly, continuing to whip the mixture. Finally, add salt, wine vinegar, and spices to taste. Whisk for another 15 seconds.

MCT Oil Mayo

MCT oil gives the thickest and most stable texture of mayonnaise. Besides, it is the most keto version, as MCT oil stimulates the production of ketones in your body. Lime juice makes this mayonnaise perfect for dipping, seafood, and keto burgers.


  • 1 yolk
  • 200 ml MCT oil
  • 15 grams sugar-free mustard
  • 2 tablespoons lime juice
  • A pinch of salt and your favorite spices

The preparation of this mayonnaise is also very simple. Whisk in the yolk and mustard, slowly add the MCT oil and continue whisking until creamy. Finally, add lime juice and spices and mix again.

Coconut Oil Mayo

This mayonnaise has a rather unusual taste and a slightly sweet aftertaste. I like to add it to vegetable salad and herbs or use it in warm seafood salads. If you add some pistachios to it at the end, you get an amazing sauce.


  • 1 egg
  • 100 grams of coconut oil
  • 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar
  • A pinch of salt and your favorite spices

The cooking process is the same as for one-minute mayonnaise. Just combine all the ingredients and whisk with a hand blender. Change the herbs and spices to your liking, and you will find your perfect mayo.

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Avocado Mayo

It is my favorite option for an egg breakfast. I add different amounts of avocado, from a small bite to whole fruit, and I have an amazing creamy sauce that goes well with eggs and bacon.


  • 1 egg yolk
  • 150 ml of any oil (avocado, MCT, olive)
  • 2 teaspoons lemon juice (or any vinegar)
  • 1 teaspoon sugar-free mustard
  • A pinch of salt and your favorite spices
  • Avocado to taste

Combine all ingredients, whisk with a blender and add your amount of avocado. You can adjust the amount of oil and avocado yourself for a thinner or denser sauce. Enjoy!


Summing up, we can conclude that mayo is keto, as it is high in fat and has almost zero carbs per serving. As you can see, mayonnaise does not lead to weight gain and is also a healthy, low-carb meal. The main thing is to choose the right one without added sugar and processed oils. Read labels carefully to avoid harmful elements.

You can also cook delicious homemade keto mayonnaise using one of my quick and easy recipes. Add various spices, herbs, and experiment with flavors!


Ana Rinkevich is a writer specializing in health, nutrition, fitness, and weight loss. Over the past 10 years, she has used various methods to deal with obesity, metabolic syndrome, and eating disorders. Proud keto follower for 6 years - lost 100 pounds and fought insulin resistance. Ana shares her experience, tips, and motivation to help people use eating habits for better health and harmony with the body.