Attack on Titan Mikasa Ackerman Workout

Mikasa Ackerman is one of the strongest characters in Attack on Titan. In a show that features people “flying around” and fighting giants, being one of the recognized strongest fighters is an impressive achievement. In addition, Mikasa is a fighter inside as good as outside! 

No wonder she’s become a perfect example of a strong woman for many girls and women. And boys would eagerly become as strong and determined as she is. So, what’s her secret? Can you learn it simply from watching the series or reading the manga? 

Mikasa Ackerman is an impressive soldier. The achievements in physical training come from the inner strength that anyone has to train foremost if they want to become as strong as the heroine. Her physical training consists of a variety of balance, strength, agility, and speed workouts. Plus, she’s mastered some specific skills such as horseriding, sword fighting, and shooting. 

Of course, if you’d like only to look as good as Mikasa, you don’t need all those extra skills. For a strong and healthy body, you’ll only need the basics. However, be ready for lots of hard work if you want to train just like Mikasa. Also, note that you’ll need quite a few months to see the transformation clearly. 

Further, I’ll enlist the skills you need to develop and suitable exercises for that. Good luck with your journey! 

What Are the Basics of Mikasa Workout?

mikasa ackerman

Mikasa has been training hard in the Training Corps. Her days were filled with constant physical and emotional tests. One needs great dedication to the cause to become of the best soldiers of that year. 

As I’ve already mentioned in the article about Levi workout, you must possess a diverse range of skills to reach this level of strength. Granted, Levi is Humanity’s Strongest Soldier, but Mikasa is close behind her Captain. In fact, with the working and training in close proximity, their workout regimes are pretty similar. However, there are specific skills Mikasa seems to train more than the Captain. 

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The basis of Mikasa Ackerman workout consists of the following aspects: 

  • balance work 
  • core and abs strength 
  • inner core
  • sword training 
  • horse riding 
  • shooting 

These categories require multiple training sessions a week to master the skills and grow stronger. Thus, Mikasa’s days are busy balancing several training styles a day, plus making sure Eren and Armin are safe and sound. And that is quite exhausting work itself! 

Balance Work 

When you use omni-directional gear, your biggs ally is a strong sense of balance. Plus, overall strength and agility. Unfortunately, improving their balance is a task way harder than gaining strength for some people. 

Several types of workouts can help to improve balance drastically. 


mikasa workout

Did you know that yogis are some of the most-balanced people on earth? Their practice includes many balancing exercises: both static and dynamic. If you’ve ever seen a professional yoga flow, you’ll notice how they can balance and move around their bodies standing on just a few toes. 

You can find the most effective exercises in my previous article about Yoga for Balance. Including at least a couple of them in your daily practice will work miracles to your balance. 

My favorite balance yoga pose is Natarajasana (Dancer Pose). 

Bosu Ball

This training tool is called so for a reason. This half-spheric floor appliance makes any workout a balanced workout. Using balls in general for fitness is a complex task that requires balance, stability, and core strength. Besides, this is one tool that you can store and use at home with ease!

Though I doubt that Mikasa’s had a ball for her training, but it’s a great modern alternative to doing any kind of balance work. 

Looking for bosu ball exercise inspiration? Check this Healthline article will great examples and tips.


Do you know what an even better alternative to Omni-directional mobility gear is? TRX! It utilizes a similar concept, at least the most alike in real life. Besides, the gear was created by a Navi SEAL. Who can understand the Survey Corps better than a military man? 

TRX is the kind of suspension training that provides a well-rounded workout. Its creator points that TRX 

improves mobility, flexibility, strength, endurance, power, core, and heart health. 

I’ve already mentioned all the benefits of TRX training when discussing Levi’s training. So it’s only fair that Mikasa workout would be training using this gear in real life as well. 

All the basic exercises are features in this Men’s Health article.

Core and Abs 

attack on titan workout

Okay, now we’ll reach one of the most popular points in Mikasa working out. You’ve probably already guessed what chapter and picture I’m talking about. We see how dedicated Mikasa stays to her training in the time skip before the final arc. In that time, she’s gained an impressive 6-pack. Or was that an 8-pack? 

I’m sure you wonder what possible could Mikasa have done to gain the perfect abs. Well, the secret is two-fold. 

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Firstly, lots and lots of core and ab work would help to build and maintain through muscles. 

Secondly, as the saying goes: abs are made in the kitchen. And considering how defined her abdomen is, it’s safe to say that her diet is impeccable. 

Here are a few effective exercises that will build abs and strengthen the core: 

  • all plank variations 
  • dumbbell side bend 
  • dead bug 
  • reverse crunch 
  • dumbbell crunch 
  • tuck and crunch 
  • weighted Russian twist 
  • hanging knee twist 

These are the essential exercise that engages your core muscles and abs. Remember that consistency and dedication are important in all workouts. 

Inner Strength

At times, it may seem that Mikasa lacks emotions and is a bit cold-hearted. On the second note, when you take a closer look, you can see that she hides her emotions when times dictate hard decisions. So, I’d say that she’s more cold-minded than cold-hearted. What’s your opinion on her? 

In my mind, her professionalism comes from sharp focus, fast reactions, and the ability to think clearly in challenging situations. 

Granted, a part of her superb instincts lies in her blood. The Ackerman family is known for their fighting skills and something untouchable in their bloodline that calls to them and guides them. Call it a kind of Spidey sense. 

With that said, Mikasa’s fast response comes from years and years of training. Regular meditation can help you clear your head and stay sharp in all situations. 

If taking all those celebrity workouts into consideration, we can see that all of them mention mental conditioning as a vital part of any training. 

Bonus Skills

aot mikasa

As I’ve mentioned, Mikasa Ackerman workout routine doesn’t stop at general fitness. She also possesses some extraordinary specific skills that make her so effective. 

Among those skills are four main categories I’ve noticed while reading the manga 

  • horseriding 
  • sword skills 
  • weapon shooting 
  • Eren and Armin management 

Let me start from the last point – she’s been protecting and keeping an eye on the boys since childhood. Her love for friends and friends is exemplary. 

As for the other specific skills, Mikasa is training all of them simultaneously to be able to live through her Titan search parties. 

The experts recommend the following for training these arts: 

Swordfighting – at least three times a week for two/three hours each session (according to Historical Martial Arts School).

Rifle training – two/three times a week for an hour.

Horseriding – two days a week for one/two hours.

These are the recommended schedules that will help you advance in your beginner skills. More advanced levels require more regular and longer sessions. 

What is Mikasa Ackerman Diet? 

As I’ve mentioned, abs like Mikasa’s require a clean and balanced diet. One that will give you enough energy and nutrients but not something that turns into fat. 

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The basic rule is to consume as many calories as you spend to maintain your weight. Note that rigorous training burns lots of energy – you’ll eat more but stick to a balanced ratio with lots of veggies and protein and minimum fat and sugary snacks. 

A balanced diet, the one Mikasa would approve of, has the following rules. 

  1. Stick to complex carbs instead of simples ones like candies, sugar, refined bread, and so on. 
  2. Eat veggies every day. 
  3. Consume enough protein to build muscles – 1.2-1.7 grams of protein per kilogram/0.5 to 0.8 grams per pound of body weight.
  4. Do not avoid fats. You can check my colleague’s article on healthy oils here.

How to Be a Badass Like Mikasa?

All in all, we can clearly see that Mikasa’s training schedule is a busy one. To reach such heights and mastery, you need to work at least fives days a week and still find plenty of time for rest. Unfortunately, there is little time for that in the world of Attack on Titan. However, if you want to train like Mikasa, I advise starting slow and resting well. 

But what makes Mikasa a badass? Is it her rock-hard abs? Or a serious expression? Or maybe it’s her devotion to her friends? 

In y opinion, it’s all in the clever combination of these things. Yes, the Ackerman blood makes her a superior fighter, but it’s her hard work that makes Mikasa a badass. Anyone named a genius by some of the most demanding military men is automatically a badass. 

If you also wish to train like Mikasa, you’ll have to focus on the mentioned workout aspects and styles. I wish you only luck on your journey! 


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Irene’s fitness journey began in 2017 with attending classes to improve her health and researching the anatomy of working out. After years of investigating trendy and “up and coming” fitness regimes, she is ready to share the tips and advice she’s learned from athletes and expert trainers of the field.