How to Bulk Up With Jason Momoa Workout Plan

Jason Momoa is getting more popular by the day. From a beginner model to his first role in Baywatch to the iconic characters in Game of Thrones and Aquaman, Momoa has been growing as an actor and an athlete. All of his roles demand a shredded body of God! So naturally, many of the fans wonder how to reach this ideal. What workout and diet plan to use? Personally, I wouldn’t mind learning the secret of training for an Aquawoman role!

Surprisingly, Momoa’s regular workout is nothing like what you’d expect. The actor prefers active fun like surfing, climbing, boxing, and hill sprinting that combine training and entertainment. In the weeks of preparing for the role, specifically the latest Aquaman, Jason Momoa had to keep up with the AR-7 Program created by personal trainer Eric Laciste.

Let’s take a look at what makes Momoa so effective in packing muscles and what exercises the actor prefers. For there must be some secret on how to build those hard abs and the bulky upper body to be able to win all those roles.

Jason Momoa’s Daily Fitness

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You’ll be surprised, but in his youth, even in the days of his model career, Momoa had hardly trained in a gym. Yes, wow! I believe genetics are significantly in play here. But no genetics are effective if you are a lazy couch potato! The actor has stated numerous times in various interviews that doing active things outdoors that brought him pleasure and entertainment was always a part of his life.

Even today, when the actor has already built an impressive physique and mostly requires strength training in preparation for roles, Jason Momoa makes sure to be generally active. Spending hours and days in a gym doing the same routine easily bores the actor. And, thus, he adds a few fun activities to the plain muscle-building programs.

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Among Momoa’s favorite outdoorsy activities are mountain climbing, boxing, hill sprints, skateboarding, surfing, and so on. These are the activities he loves and makes sure to include daily! And do you know who else is in favor of surfing and regular outdoorsy activities? Check out Chris Hemsworth’s workout plan if you’d like to train like Hollywood celebrities!

“I get up at 5 am, and I train hard. I’ve got two young children, so I have to get up early. But I like it. Morning is when I do all my best work.” Momoa to Men’s Health

Besides being the actor’s hobbies, he preaches them as training for “the most important muscle in your body.” Your HEART! Every morning, he wakes up early and starts the day with a bit of an enjoyable cardio routine. It doesn’t have to be anything the actor likes. Momoa encourages you to stick to the activities that make you happy. And I fully support this approach! Fitness should be your stress-reliever, not a provider! So if you love listening to upbeat music on a treadmill, go for it! Or any other cardio activity you prefer, really!

Jason Momoa’s Diet

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Obviously, being in good form and generally healthy requires eating healthy food as well. And the actor mostly sticks to healthy ingredients. Moma has mentioned in several interviews that go usually goes for lean meats and green vegetables. There’s no junk food and processed carbs in his regular diet! And that is during my leisure time. When training for a role, Momoa boosts up his protein intake to pack up more muscles. And that actor receives it from 8 boiled chicken breasts per day!! In addition, to get more energy for high-intensity training, he’s included peanut butter into the diet plan. If you want to follow the example, I’d also add that it should be all-natural butter without a ton of added sugars!

However, there is one small not-so-healthy product that Momoa cannot seem to eliminate from the diet – a pint of Guinness! This brand of beer is the favorite drink of the actor that he doesn’t agree to miss out on! However, to be able to enjoy a glass of his favorite drink, Momoa cuts carbs in his meals.

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Jason Momoa AR7 Workout Routine

One of the most drastic changes in Momoa’s career came after the Accelerated Results 7 workout. It was created by Eric Laciste as it is meant to use lighter weights but trained daily, often, even two or three times a day.

At first, Jason Momoa was training one a day following this plan. In a few weeks, the actor increased the number to two and then three.

The main rules of the workout are simple:

7 sets of 7 reps with 7 seconds of rest in-between

Then, you change all the numbers to 6 next round and to 5 for the final round.

Would you like to take a look at how approximately it works? I’ve found a few examples of AR-7 workouts and would like to share them with you.

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Remember that each workout consists of three rounds with around 90-120 seconds of rest between them. And keep to the 7/7/7, 6/6/6, 5/5/5 rule.

Chest Day:

  • bench press
  • incline bench press
  • incline bench dumbbell press
  • plate push-up
  • chest dips

Back Day

  • Pull-Up (medium grip)
  • Chin-Up (reverse grip)
  • Pull-Up (close grip)
  • Seated Pulley Row
  • Bent-Over Row (reverse grip)

Legs Day

  • Squat (bodyweight)
  • Stiff-Legged Barbell Deadlift
  • Barbell Back Squat
  • Jump Squat (bodyweight)

Core Day

  • Medicine Ball Slam
  • Kettlebell Swing
  • Burpee
  • Leap Frog
  • 40-yard dash

Shoulders and Arms Day

  • Barbell Military Press
  • Bodyweight Dip
  • Diamond Push-Up
  • Diamond Curls
  • Also Diamond Triceps Extensions

This workout plan goes for five days from Monday to Friday in the order I’ve mentioned. In addition, the actor would sweat all that beer away on a treadmill after each workout session! Thanks to the openness of the actor and AR-7 creator Eric Laciste, we have the exact workout plan that helps Momoa to prepare for bulky roless.

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Are you ready to start working out like Aquaman? Hold up! Do not rush into anything. The chances are, you are not on the same level of athleticism as Jason Momoa is. Such a workout may be extremely hard for you. Start slow, adapt the schedule to suit your strength. Lower the number of exercises, reps, or rounds to make training easier. Also, I highly suggest you have days of rest more often than if meant by the schedule. As a beginner, don’t strain yourself!

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Be careful and listen to your body!


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