Gal Gadot Workout Routine for Wonder Woman

Hello, gals! Have you already seen the sequel to Wonder Woman? While Gal Gadot had an impressive form for the first movie, she’s really upped her game for the second installment. That made me wonder what type of workouts would turn Miss Israel into a superhero Wonder Woman. So, naturally, I went to investigate the whole routine of the actress. And I’ve found some valuable tips and bits from her personal trainers that can be incorporated into anyone’s routine easily! 

From a skinny model, Gal Gadot easily turned into a muscular Goddess. Her trainer created a well-rounded plan of bodyweight training plus resistance work. Before the movies, she used to spend up to 6 hours in a gym for half a year! Her sessions included actual gym work, fight choreography, and horseback riding. And this task was given to a woman with no regular training routine in ordinary life. So for her second movie, to maintain her strength, she visited the gym five times a week for an hour at a time. 

What can I say after reading all the interviews of Gal Gadot and her trainer concerning the physical changes? Only one thing: 

If she could do it, you can too! 

If you need to gain some muscle mass, you can also use the tips from the actress’ professional trainers, Magnus Lygdback and Mark Twight. Let’s all check whether we can build Wonder Woman muscles in just six months!? Note that this routine demands utmost dedication and would be time-consuming for us mere mortals. You can opt for a lighter regime with enough rest days and fewer hours in the gym. More on that check in Magnus’ videos. 

What Was Gal Gadot’s Training for Wonder Woman? 

gal gadot wonder woman training

For the first movie, the actress’ training regime indeed seems to be more than a mortal can handle. In her interview on Live with Kelly and Ryan, Gal shares

“I did two hours gym work, two hours fight choreography, and two hours horseback riding. Which is super hard.”

That would be going to the extremes for us mere mortals! Luckily, Gadot’s trainer for the sequel has a Wonder Woman workout ready and posted on his personal app and YouTube channel Magnus Method

The trainer comes with the highest credentials, having worked with such celebrities as Alicia Vikander, Ben Affleck, James McAvoy, and so on. 

“Gal Gadot’s program consisted of a five-day split. The three first days, we worked through the whole body, and the two remaining days, we were doing it all over again.”

Thus, the duo was working the whole body two times a week overall. 

Plus, Magnus mentions incorporating HIIT workout and core training every day! 

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The trainer recommends dividing different body parts into different days for beginners to provide proper rest after strength training. 

Gal Gadot’s training for Wonder Woman

First Day – Legs + Core

Second Day – Push and Pull (Chest and Back)

Third Day – Arms and Shoulders

Fourth Day – Legs + Core 

Fifth Day – Push and Pull 

What Is Gal Gadot’s Upper Body Training? 

While the duo focused on keeping Gal strong overall, a fair part of the movie focuses on the upper body shots of the actress. Thus, upper body split days were essential! Besides, she needs strength in those arms to wield the Lasso of Truth! 

The most fruitful arm routine for Wonder Woman actually comes in the form of a YouTube video!

In it, Magnus tells us the most effective exercises and tricks he’s used for Gal Gadot training sessions. This video targets arms and shoulders 

Schedule 1 (Arms and Shoulders)


  • 5 minutes on an assault bike/any cardio machine as an alternative

High-Intensity Interval Training

  • assault bike (20 seconds on/20 seconds off; 6 rounds) 

Upper Body Resistance Training 

  • alternating bicep curls (8 reps on each side; 3 rounds) 
  • tricep skull crusher (12 reps; 3 rounds)
  • superset: 1) bicep cable curl 2) tricep pushdown (12 reps; 3 rounds)
  • superset: 1)isolated bicep curl 2) lateral raise (12 reps; 3 rounds)
  • hollow hold (45 seconds; 4 sets – 60-120 seconds of rest in-between)

Schedule 2 (Chest and Back) 


  • 5 minutes on an assault bike/any cardio machine as an alternative

Resistance Training 

  • wide grip pull down (12 reps; 3 sets)
  • push-ups (work to failure + 5/7 on your knees; 3 sets)
  • an alternating standing double row (20 reps; 3 sets)
  • superset 1) incline reverse fly with dumbbells 2) incline fly 
  • superset 1) cross-over mountain climber 2) rotational leg kicks (13 reps; 3 sets)

This is such a great and detailed example of a Wonder Woman workout that you can actually do at home! You’ll need:

  • dumbbells but can also substitute them with heavy bottles and such
  • resistance bands for the cable set 
  • substitute warmup and assault bike HIIT by any bodyweight HIIT workout fund on YouTube 

What Is Gal Gadot’s Lower Body Training? 

And though Wonder Woman has to be exceptionally skilled in wielding the Lasso, her lower body training is just as crucial for the overall strength, stamina, and mobility. 

That is why legs and glutes should not be neglected. 

For the first movie, the actress mentioned learning horseback riding, which is a great leg exercise on its own. For the second movie, she primarily focused on gym training. 

On his YouTube channel, Mangun mentions the following sequence used for Wonder Woman training. 

  • leg press
  • front dumbbell squats 
  • skaters 
  • skate jumps

You can also try this workout by the trainer 

Leg Day Schedule 


  • 5 minutes on a cardio machine 

Resistance Training

  • goblet squats (12 reps; 3 sets) 
  • leg press (12 reps; 3 sets) 
  • alternating dumbbell walking lunge (15 steps each; 3 sets)
  • Romanian deadlift (10 reps; 3 sets) 
  • standing calf raises (15 reps; 3 sets)

Stunt Work 

In addition to gym training, Gal Gadot has undergone lots and lots of stunt work, including martial training, horseback riding, and so on. 

To a certain degree, all the gym work was meant to make Gal strong and agile. Its purpose was to prevent the actress from injuries during active filming. It’s not about the looks. 

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Admittedly, not all actors perform their own stunts in movies. Gal admits:

“I have found myself with many different spine injuries because we’ve been shooting this movie, for real. But at the same time, it’s worth it. And watching the movie now a few times, it’s totally, totally worth it.”

What Is Wonder Woman’s Diet? 

gal gadot wonder woman

Well, while I certainly cannot tell the exact diet plan of Wonder Woman, her being fictional and virtually a goddess, I can share the basic principles of Gal Gadot’s diet for Wonder Woman filming! 

Nutrition was a vital part of Gadot’s transformation. In fact, Mangus mentions it being equally as important as workouts! 

Her transformed diet regime was mainly focused on eating healthy and consuming the right amounts of protein. Upon recommendations, 17 meals out of 20 have to be healthy and well-balanced. For the rest, 3, feel free to enjoy what you really like. 

Gal mentions that she’s a “big foodie.” And I’m sure you are like that too. (I know I am!). This is where the “cheat” regime of three free meals in 4 days comes as a great bonus for all of us foodies! And here’s Gal thoughts that she shares with the readers of Harper’s Bazaar:

“Of course I have my bad things that I eat like burgers or ice cream with chocolate. I don’t restrict myself; I can eat everything.”

But only for three meals out of twenty! 

The daily routine is divided into five meals a day:


  • three eggs 
  • veggies 
  • avocado 

Have your fun with these ingredients! You can make mushrooms or greens, make an omelet, poached eggs, and so on. 


  • overnight oats 


  • chicken or fish
  • slow carbs 
  • vegetables 


  • protein shake (whey or egg protein) 


  • an organic steak 
  • salade (from non-starchy veggies)
  • slow carbs 

The slow carbs the actress was eating included wholegrain rice, quinoa, legumes, 

Feel free to pair any meal with greens and salads! 

In addition, Gal’s trainer, who’s designed the diet, has a quick tip for all beginners who need a simplified diet. Magnus recommends using the rule of fists to measure the portions. Check this video for the guide! 


With such detailed descriptions of the hard-working training process for the role, I can clearly see how much effort and time Gal has devoted to Wonder Woman. And just like she mentions in the interviews, “it’s totally, totally worth it!” Both movies show us a Wonder Woman well worth its original comics superhero. Gal Gadot has done a tremendous job working on her physique and acting skills to show us two of the best movies of the DC franchise. Just as Henry Cavill’s workout regime I’ve written about paid off for the accuracy of Superman movies, Gal depicted Wonder Woman exceptionally well. At least, to my amateur opinion! 

If you’d like to try Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman training, you can easily do it both at home with minimal equipment and in the gym. The three exemplary schedules used by the actress will cover a full-body training regime to give you not only biceps as impressive as hers but also bring the overall strength to your body. And as you become stronger, more agile, and resilient, you’ll truly feel like a wonder woman in real life! 


Irene’s fitness journey began in 2017 with attending classes to improve her health and researching the anatomy of working out. After years of investigating trendy and “up and coming” fitness regimes, she is ready to share the tips and advice she’s learned from athletes and expert trainers of the field.