Yoga Mental Health

How Yoga Helps Mental Health?

Yoga builds strength, flexibility, and a better range of motion, and those are visible effects. Probably, physical benefits are not the main reason people get that positive feeling of resilience … More

David Goggins Routine

What Is David Goggins Workout Routine?

If you search up to the highest pull-ups records in the world, you’ll come across David Goggins. If you search for the most powerful Army Forces soldiers, you’ll see David … More

Yoga to Strengthen Knees

Picture this, kneeling when you propose or plant flowers in your garden, play with your kiddo, or checking if your husband stores any Playboys under the bed.  As you see, … More

Yoga to Help You Sleep

Constant stress and tension may lead to the feeling that you can’t let go of the day’s fuss and relax before you go to sleep. Still, there is a natural … More