Battle rope benefits

10 Benefits of Battle Rope Training 

Battle ropes offer a high-intensity full-body workout that boosts your training effectiveness drastically. Battle ropes are a universal tool suitable for all levels of physical strength and intensity. Rope training offers an all-round workout that improves strength, endurance, hypertrophy, etc.  Battle ropes are among the most popular equipment for enthusiasts and athletes alike. Though they’ve … More

vinyasa flow

Vinyasa Yoga 101: Guide for Beginners

Vinyasa yoga is the kind of flow yoga that coordinates your movement and breath into a fluid motion that looks more like a dance than a set of asanas. Vinyasa is the perfect way for beginners to feel strength in their body and experience dynamic meditation through each movement. Discover the fundamentals of vinyasa and … More

Paschimottanasana for beginners

Paschimottanasana for Beginners

Yoga is a relaxing practice meant to calm our minds and bodies. Paschimottanasana is among the most important yoga poses that bears numerous benefits, both mental and physical. Including this asana in your daily practice increases flexibility, helps with back pain, and anxiety.  Yoga is about finding strength in your body in a relaxing way. … More

Detox Water

Can Detox Water Flush Your Belly Fat Away?

Detox water – is it as useful as the Internet tells you? According to scientific research, detox water is just as useful for your body as drinking plain water. Bottom line – if the delicious flavors of infused water encourage your stay hydrated, go for it! What is Detox Water?  We all know the necessity of … More

Exercises for stomach

How to Tone Your Stomach: 6 Best Exercises

Getting your stomach flat and nice is a dream-come-true for any fitness enthusiast. The good news is, you can tone your stomach pretty fast if you know the right exercises and eat clean. In this article, you can find some of the best moves that will give you a six-pack in no time! Are you … More

Glute bridge exercises

Glute Bridge Exercises for a Firm Peach

On the way to a firm butt, glute bridge raises create your foundation for a lower body workout day. Whether weighted or not, hip lifts are the most effective tools that shape your glutes to look better than Kim’s. On your journey to a firm peach, learn the value of this exercise.  In 2021, the … More

Ten set's method

5-Day German Volume Training Plan

German volume training is a prevalent workout regime among bodybuilders. Such practice is aimed to increase mass and build muscles. If your goal is to show off those strengths and become a toned ideal, this will be the program for you.  When it comes to building muscle, some programs are more effective than others, especially … More

baptista yoga

5 Ways Baptiste Power Yoga Will Change Your Life

Baptiste power yoga was introduced years ago by Baron Baptiste. It revolves around the belief that each of us requires an individual approach to feel comfortable practicing yoga. There is no universal approach to yoga that would suit everyone. Instead, this method focused on intuitive practice by selecting a personal and individualized process.  Baptiste yoga … More

healthy omelette

How to Make the Perfect Healthy Omelette

Any healthy diet you are ticking to is not complete without a recipe for a tasty yet low-calorie omelette for weight loss. This dish is the basis for a useful breakfast all over the world. If you haven’t found a low-calorie substitute for hearty pancakes, take a look at the following recipe that will enrich … More