Nude Art

Yoga Nude Art: New Approach to Your Body

Although yogis are pictured as Indian guys sitting in a Lotus pose, more and more nice yoga nudes appear on the internet, developing health, body positivism, and freedom. Some call … More

6 Tasty and Delicious Keto Pizza Recipes

Pizza is one of the most popular food cravings during the keto diet. However, it is also the simplest dish that can be adapted for the low-carb, high-fat nutritional plan. I’ve cooked keto pizza many … More

Yoga poses for runners

Yoga for Runners

Running or walking – we all move, and life is all about moving your body. Being active and healthy is a recent trend, so the number of runners grows steadily. … More

Muscle man do stretching

Hyperbolic Stretching 101

To achieve maximum fitness performance, experts recommend maintaining a regular stretching routine. Your muscles require relaxation and stretching to prepare for workouts and to alleviate the tension afterward. Choosing the … More