Try This Goku Workout for a Week! Super Saiyan Routine

Goku is a hero for many kids of the 90s. He’s a part of one of the most successful anime franchises in the world! Did you know that Dragon Ball had incredible popularity with the western audience, especially in promoting Japanese culture and animation? It is also one of the highest-grossing media franchises of all time in the world!

Even though the show’s protagonist is incredibly strong (which he proves time after time), he is not as bulky as many other superstrong characters in anime! That means he is not solely focused on hypertrophy but rather strength instead. But where do you start if you want to be just as cool as the famous Saiyan? What changes do you have to make in your diet and training routine to become a superhero? 

Goku’s training is a brutal regime that is probably possible only for extraterrestrial beings. However, we still can alter his training to suit us, mere mortals! For that, you have to gain some weight, train your spirit, and have consistency to really make a change in your life. With all the training that Goku does in the episodes, we can get a general understanding of what type of training the character would do in real life. 

Also, training like Goku is more than gaining definition or even physical strength. He is working out to be strong enough to save the people he loves and the planet he lives. And he does that on multiple occasions. 

Thus, the routine is meant to cover various purposes and make you, as a trainee, overall stronger. 

What Are Goku’s Training Takeaways?

goku training

The Strength of Mind/Emotional Control 

Goku’s energy blasts, the fantastic dragon, and ki mastery are all the result of an enormous amount of work done on mental conditioning! Goku is a fighter inside. 

Have you noticed all those celebrities nowadays mentioning the importance of mental stability and growth for proper training? I’ve certainly noticed the tendency when researching all the workout tips! For instance, check out this article about Christiano Ronaldo’s workout to see how he values the importance of mental conditioning. Superman seems to think so as well, as you can see in Henry Cavill’s workout article as well! 

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The fact is, you have to be mentally strong to make training fruitful and to uncover your full potential. You cannot just give up when the thing turns hard; you have to push and overcome your barriers but know the limits along the way. 


Even if you bring Goku, bet he can win a fight with all those superior senses! Of course, none of us would need to do that, but his various skills include a great deal of agility, and that is something we can train as well! 

Well, training agility is possible for everyone and can be achieved even at home. The basis of such training is jumping, running, and all sorts of cardio-focused drills that will indeed be included in the workout sessions a couple of times a week. After all, we don’t want to overdo it and starve your body of energy! 

True Potential Water (And Food)


Although we see Goku use all these rejuvenating waters, potions, beans, and so on, it’s all just an additional reminder of how important food is to us really. Do you remember all that deal with a magic potion from Asterix and Obelix? Well, Goku, on occasion, also uses a food booster. 

For me, all these are just a symbol of the importance of proper nutrition. Afterward, I will give you the needed for the day and all your workouts. The more training you have, the more food you need to fuel your body. 

The same goes for water. Goku uses Divine Water that brings up all your potential. However, it’s pretty toxic as well! Regular drinking water, instead, is beneficial for your body but is not poisonous at all. 

Strong Fighting Skill 

Now, this is a point that you may or may not want to pursue. Considering that Goku is often tasked with defeating hostile villains in order to save his family and home PLANET, Goku had to train in all kinds of martial arts and deadly equipment techniques. 

You, on the other hand, don’t have those superhero responsibilities. Thus, there is no need to fight villains physically. However, I should notice that martial arts training is an excellent form of exercising both physically and mentally, even as an adult. While the former aspect is self-explanatory, the mental training comes in the form of self-discipline and reaching for your hidden reflexes and values. And that is crucial for a true warrior in the heart like Goku. 

Friendly Help 

Through the series, we see Goku partnering up for the most rigorous training regimes and in preparations of fights. 

First of all, he has a strong and strict trainer in Piccolo. This is a person that encourages you to keep training and checks your progress at all times. Plus, he has a few other valuable teachers who entrust some valuable skills onto him, like the Rock-Paper-Scissors combo or the Spirit Bomb. 

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Plus, you’ll need a reliable training partner that pushes you forward t excellence and becomes the ultimate frenemy and your competition. Do you someone like Vegetal t challenge you during training? 

What is Goku’s Workout? 

goku wrkout

Considering that this is a workout for super aliens to gain enough strength to save all and everybody from the doomsday, the exemplary workout week has to consist of a 5-day training routine and two days of rest. 

  • 1 Day: Full-Body HIIT workout + Martial 
  • 2 Day: Upper-Body Split
  • 3 Day: Lower Body Split + Martial 
  • 4 Day: Rest
  • 5 Day: Pull + Martial 
  • 6 Day: Push
  • 7 Day: Rate 

Day 1 

On the first day of this training week, you’ll want to start with warming up your whole body and learn the basics of martial arts you want to pursue. 

Now, high-intensity workouts come in different forms and kinds. For Goku’s training, you’ll have to concentrate on agility and stamina. That is why calisthenics exercises and cardio training moves should be implemented. 

Start with around 40 minutes of cardio training (with a warm-up, of course) and continue with a 40-50 minute session of martial arts of your choice. The possible options that suit Goku’s fighting style are: 

  • Karate 
  • Wushu 
  • Muay Thai
  • Taekwondo
  • Wing Chun

Here’s my personal advice, so do not stick to the same HIIT routine every day! It gets boring fast. For this type of exercise, you need diversity. Thus, I’ll gladly offer a couple of HIIT workouts that I’m regularly using!

This is an intense workout that will make your whole body burn in half an hour, And then you get an extra 10 minutes to go! It comes with a short warm-up period, but I still suggest doing stretches beforehand. 

This is a level 4 workout that stretches for 30 minutes, but it’s enough to make you sweat! Level 4 is somewhere around upper-intermediate. If you need a low level of intensity, feel free to browse the channel for levels 2 and 3. 

This is also a 30-minute HIIT session which is quite intense if you do everything to the best of your abilities. Just add a small stretching session and an orbitrek machine/running to the workout to get the full 40 minutes recommended. The same is true for the previous video. 

Day 2 

  1. Warm-up. 5-10 minutes of cardio. 
  2. Strength Training 
  • pull-ups (8 reps, 4 sets)
  • bench press (8 reps, 4 sets)
  • lateral raise (8 reps, 4 sets)
  • alternating dumbbell front raise (8 reps, 4 sets)
  • bent-over lateral raise (8 reps, 4 sets)

Day 3

train like goku

  1. Warm-up 5-10 minutes of cardio 
  • lateral band walks (8 reps, 4 sets)
  • Romanian deadlift (8 reps, 4 sets)
  • Bulgarian split (8 reps, 4 sets)
  • side clam (8 reps, 4 sets)
  • calf raises (8 reps, 4 sets)

Your Martial arts training! 

Day 4 


Day 5

Warm-up!!! 5-10 minutes on cardio machines

  • incline/negative incline bench press (8 reps 2 sets, 2 sets)
  • pushups (2 set nowhere shy of failure; 2 sets shy of failure, 1 set to failure)
  • dumbbell shoulder press (8 reps; 4 sets) 
  • superset: 1) leg press 2) goblet squats (8 reps each; 4 sets) 

Plus your martial arts training!!! Never forget this one!

Day 6 

Don’t forget about a warm-up. 5-10 minutes on a cardio machine. 

  • lat pull-down (8 rep; 4 sets)
  • seated row (8 reps; 4 sets) 
  • incline dumbbell curl (8 reps; 4 sets)
  • superset: 1) lunges 2) hip thrusts (8 reps each; 4 sets)

If you still have energy after that, you can finish the week off with 3 great core exercises: 

  • reverse crunches 
  • Russian twist 
  • high to low plank 

Day 7 


P.S. You can totally use the program at home if you make a couple of slight changes. Mainly, you can replace the barbell exercises with a dumbbell or other weights and switch leg press that requires a machine for a resistance band leg press. 

Thus, the only equipments you’ll need for the routine are resistance bands and weights (dumbbells, books, bottles of water, etc.) 


Just try this program for the week I’ve described to feel like a real Saiyan superhero who can do anything and defeat every villain! In time, you’ll get not only muscle definition but also the strength and agility required for the lead anime characters of such a massive franchise. 

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This routine targets the major muscle groups of the body, plus introduces high-intensity interval training, plus s few sessions of martial arts. This is a comprehensive training schedule that can turn anyone into a superhero or an anime hero in a relatively short time. Give or take 5-6 months!

As you try this workout, please, be sure to let us know your results and whether you’ll stick to the routine!!!


Irene’s fitness journey began in 2017 with attending classes to improve her health and researching the anatomy of working out. After years of investigating trendy and “up and coming” fitness regimes, she is ready to share the tips and advice she’s learned from athletes and expert trainers of the field.