Jesse James West Workout Routine

At some point in every man’s life, he looks in the mirror and decides that he wants to get in shape. For some, this may be a passing thought, quickly forgotten. But for others, it leads to a real commitment to fitness and health. There are many reasons why men may decide to pursue a toned body.

Some want to improve their appearance, while others want to be more physically fit and agile. Some men may even feel that toned bodies make them more attractive to potential partners. Whatever the reason, no doubt achieving a toned body requires dedication and effort.

Men serious about getting in shape typically need to exercise regularly, eat a healthy diet, and get enough sleep. These lifestyle changes can be daunting, but the rewards are well worth it. A toned body can improve a man’s physical health, mental well-being, and self-confidence.

To sculpt an amazing body like Jesse James West takes hard work and dedication. For fans who want to know more about the fitness routine that helped him achieve his impressive physique, this article is for you. It includes all the details of his workouts and helpful tips to get you started on your journey. So, if you’re ready to see results, keep reading!

Current Stats


5 ft 10 in


77 kg


37 inches

Body Type


Hair Color

Brown Hair

Workout Principles

Jesse has some concrete principles when it comes to working out. First and foremost, he believes in quality over quantity. Rather than spending hours in the gym daily, he focuses on making each workout count.

He also believes in the power of compound exercises, which work for multiple muscle groups at the same time. In addition, West is a big fan of interval training, which alternates between periods of high-intensity and low-intensity activity.

By following these principles, West has been able to achieve excellent results. His muscles are perfectly defined, and he has very little body fat. What’s more, he can maintain his physique with relatively little effort. For anyone looking to get in shape, following the workout principles of Jesse James West is a great place to start.

Workout Routine

Jesse James West’s workout routine is intense and includes a lot of weightlifting and cardio exercises. West starts his day with a light jog or walk, followed by an hour of weightlifting.

He then does another hour of cardio, either on the treadmill or elliptical machine. After that, he takes a break for a few minutes before doing another round of weightlifting and cardio. He finishes his workout with some stretching and cool-down exercises. West says that this routine has helped him to build strong muscles and stay in shape. His routine looks like this:

Monday – Back and Chest

  1. On a Monday morning, Jesse is working in the gym, doing an intense routine modeled after Arnold Schwarzenegger that targets his chest and back.
  2. Bench press. 1 (5 sets & reps)
  3. Broad-grip pull-ups (5 sets, five reps)
  4. Inclined bench press (5 sets, ten reps)
  5. T-barrow (5 sets, ten reps)
  6. Bended row (5 sets, Tenn reps)
  7. Dumbbell fly (5 sets, ten reps)
  8. Tricep dip (5 sets, ten reps)
  9. Reverse grip overhead press (5 sets, ten reps)
  10. Dumbbell sweater (5 sets, ten reps)
  11. Fly a cable (5 sets, ten reps)

Tuesday- Arms and Abs

Here is a collection of two exercises Jesse James West does frequently to work on his abs. He trains his abs virtually every day.

  1. Cable curl (4 sets, 15 reps)
  2. Extension of cable (4 sets, 15 reps)
  3. Hang a bar (4 settings, 30 seconds)
  4. dumbbell curl (4 sets, 15 reps)
  5. Brain crusher (4 sets, 15 reps)
  6. Incline curl (4 sets, 15 reps)
  7. Triceps press (4 sets, 15 reps)
  8. Plank (4 sets, 60 seconds)
  9. Sit-up with a cable crunch (4 sets, 15 reps)
  10. Reversing the crunch (4 sets, 15 reps)
  11. Hanging leg lift (4 sets, 15 reps)
  12. Slanting crunch (4 sets, 15 reps)

Wednesday- Rest Day

Thursday: Biceps and the back

On Thursday, West engages in a varied workout, targeting his back and biceps.

  1. Pull-up with a wide grip (3 sets, rep til failure)
  2. Dumbbell row while seated (3 sets, Tenn reps)
  3. Lat pulldown (3 sets. 10 reps)
  4. Fourth Cable Row (3 sets, ten reps)
  5. Sitting dumbbell curl (3 sets, Tenn reps)
  6. Dumbbell incline curl (3 sets. 10 reps)
  7. The Zottman ring (3 sets, ten reps)

Friday: Legs and Abs

Jesse works out his stomach and legs in a bodybuilding-style routine after going to the beach, emphasizing mass gain and muscular development. Jesse doesn’t do some reps in each set for his ab workout. He finishes as many as


Jesse frequently paddles out on the weekends to get some cardio because he lives close to the ocean in New Jersey. Surfing has numerous health advantages, from cardiovascular activity to strengthening the back, core, and shoulders.

Sunday- Rest Day


Jesse James West is a professional bodybuilder who has won numerous competitions. To maintain his muscular physique, West follows a stringent diet. He consumes large amounts of protein-rich foods such as chicken, fish, and eggs.

He also eats plenty of vegetables and fruits, which give his body the nutrients needed to build muscle. In addition, West drinks a lot of water and avoids sugary drinks. By following this diet, West canin his impressive physique and stay healthy.

One of possible Jesse menu:

Meal 1

  • Cup of oatmeal with raisins
  • Four egg whites and one egg
  • Fat-free milk
  • Orange juice
  • Protein shake
  • Cup of tea

Meal 2

  • Cottage cheese
  • Cup of yogurt
  • Mixed nuts
  • Sliced turkey

Pre-Workout Snack

  • Beef jerky

Meal 3

  • Chicken breast
  • Kidney beans
  • Steamed broccoli
  • Brown rice
  • Fat-free milk

Meal 4

  • Grilled salmon
  • Asparagus with quinoa
  • Fat-free milk

Meal 5

  • Hardboiled eggs
  • 2 slices of bread


Jesse James West, a well-known YouTuber is known for his high-energy personality and love of fitness. In particular, he is known for his love of pre-workout supplements. His current favorite is C4 Ripped, which he takes before every workout.

C4 Ripped is a pre-workout supplement that contains caffeine and other ingredients that help to increase energy levels and improve focus. In addition to C4 Ripped, West takes protein powder and BCAA supplements. He believes that these supplements help him to stay healthy and fit.


Jesse James West is a professional bodybuilder and YouTube personality known for his high-energy workouts and strict diet. To maintain his muscular physique, West consumes large amounts of protein and water and avoids sugary drinks. He also takes pre-workout supplements, protein powder, and BCAA supplements. As a result of his disciplined approach to fitness, West has built an impressive physique and enjoys a high level of fitness.


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