CT Fletcher Workout Routine

If you’re looking for a hardcore workout routine that will get you shredded, look no further than CT Fletcher’s routine. This routine is intense and perfect if you’re looking to make an informed routine of your own. Simply following Fletcher’s program won’t get you the same results, so be sure to customize it to fit your needs. With hard work and dedication, this routine can help you achieve the body of your dreams!

As any fitness enthusiast knows, having a well-rounded workout routine is essential for achieving results. However, it can be challenging to know where to start, especially if you’re new to the fitness world. That’s where someone like CT Fletcher comes in. A former Mr. America and Mr. Olympia, Fletcher is a veritable Encyclopedia of workout knowledge. 

CT Fletcher’s workout routine is the perfect place to start if you’re looking to build a solid foundation of strength training. Consisting of just four exercises – squats, bench press, rows, and overhead press – the CT Fletcher workout routine is designed to hit all the major muscle groups with compound movements. 

What’s more, Fletcher is living proof that his workout routine works; at age 72, he’s still as jacked as he was in his prime. So if you’re looking to get serious about strength training, there’s no better place to start than the CT Fletcher workout routine.

Current Stats




105 Kg




8 June 1959

Body Type



Three-time World Bench Press Champion

Workout Principles

There are few people in the world of fitness who have as much charisma and intensity as CT Fletcher. A former bodybuilding competitor, Fletcher is still known for his no-nonsense approach to lifting weights. So what are his secrets? According to Fletcher, three principles are essential for any workout routine: focus, intensity, and commitment. 

First, Fletcher believes it is essential to have a clear focus when working out. This means having a specific goal in mind and ensuring that all your energy goes towards achieving that goal. Second, intensity is vital – Fletcher advises his followers always to push themselves to their limits and never settle for anything less than their best. 

Finally, commitment is essential – without it, none of the other principles matter. For CT Fletcher, these three principles are the foundation of any successful workout routine.

Workout Routine

Professional bodybuilder, actor, and YouTube personality CT Fletcher has an intense workout routine that even the most dedicated gym-goers would have trouble keeping up with. Fletcher typically works out twice a day, six days a week, for two to three hours at a time. He starts his mornings with an hour of cardio, followed by weight training and then more cardio. 

In the afternoon, he does another round of weight training, followed by more cardio and ab work. This rigorous schedule has helped him to achieve an impressive level of fitness, but it’s not for everyone. Those looking to get in shape may want to start with a less intense workout routine and gradually increase the intensity as their fitness level improves.

Monday – Legs

  1. Weighted Squats (5-8) X (2-5) 
  2. Good Mornings (4-5) x (8-15) 
  3. Isolation Hammer Leg Press (4-5) X (8-15) 
  4. Leg Extensions (4-5) x (8-15) 
  5. Leg Curls (4-5) x (8-15)

Tuesday – Chest, Shoulders  and Triceps

  1. Military Press (5-8) X (3-8) 
  2. Incline Bench Press (4-5) x (8-15) 
  3. Flat Bench Press (4-5) x (8-15) 
  4. Close Grip Flat Bench Press (4-5) X (8-15) 
  5. Tricep Extensions (4-5) x (8-15)

Wednesday – Rest

Thursday – Back

  1. Deadlifts (5-8) X (1-5) 
  2. Back Pushdowns (4-5) x (8-15) 
  3. Lat Pulldowns (4-5) X (8-15) 
  4. Cable Rows (4-5) x (8-15) 
  5. Shrugs (4-5) x (8-15)

Friday – Rest

Rest day is important to let your body recover from the week’s worth of training.

Saturday – Strongman Training

  1. Keg Toss 
  2. Super yoke 
  3. Frame Carry 
  4. Atlas Stones

Sunday – Rest


Here is CT Fletcher’s diet: 

Meal 1: 

  • An omelet made from 12 egg whites
  • A handful of veggies
  • 1-2 servings of chicken or turkey breast

Meal 2: 

  • One large serving of salad
  • A can of Albacore tuna

Meal 3:

  • Ground turkey 

Meal 4:

  • Two cups of white rice 

Meal 5: 

  • Eight-ounce chicken breast 

Meal 6: 

  • Two cups of white rice 

Despite his massive frame, CT Fletcher is surprisingly meticulous about what he eats. Mostly, he sticks to a diet of lean protein, vegetables, and complex carbs. 

However, CT is not afraid to indulge his sweet tooth on occasion. His favorite treat is a two-pound chocolate bar that he enjoys after a hard workout. While CT’s diet might not suit everyone, it works for him. His muscular physique is proof of that.


At 63 years old, CT Fletcher is still going strong. A former bodybuilder competitor and world champion powerlifter, Fletcher is now a popular YouTuber and Instagram fitness personality. Though he’s always been in impressive shape, Fletcher attributes his recent transformation to a new diet and supplement regimen. 

So what exactly is he taking? In addition to a protein shake made with egg whites, oatmeal, and bananas, Fletcher takes

  • creatine,
  • BCAA powder,
  • glutamine.

He also takes pre-workout supplements before his intense training sessions. These help him to build muscle, recover from workouts more quickly, and maintain his energy levels throughout the day. Thanks to these supplements, CT Fletcher is still going strong – and inspiring others to reach their fitness goals.


In conclusion,  CT Fletcher is a man who lives by three principles

  • intensity,
  • dedication,
  • commitment

These principles have helped him succeed as a professional bodybuilder, actor, and YouTube personality. They’ve also allowed him to maintain an impressive fitness level into his 60s. Finally, CT’s diet and supplement regimen are critical to his ongoing transformation. 

Thanks to these products, he has the energy and stamina to keep up with his intense workout routine. His rigorous workout routine and a healthy diet have helped him to achieve an impressive level of fitness. Moreover, his commitment to never settling for anything less than his best is an inspiration to all looking to get in shape. 


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